Looking for a natural dry shampoo that performs better than the toxic stuff you think you can’t live without? We’ve got you covered.

We know that when you’re first switching to organic products it can feel like a bit of an uphill struggle, trying to find replacements that give you the same, effective results you’re used to but without the harmful chemicals. It’s fair to say that many natural beauty products just don’t seem to give you that same immediate result that synthetic products do and even though you know what’s giving you those results is not good for you in the long run, it can make your old faithful’s difficult to part with.

In steps Tabitha James Kraan Organics – our natural, organic hair care line – and suddenly the game changes! You absolutely can get not the same, but BETTER results using our products, without the harmful side effects.

Our natural dry shampoo is a bit of a god-send to those who find dry shampoo is one of those ‘can’t live without’ products, because it really does pack a punch when it comes to absorbing oil, creating incredible volume and giving you what looks like freshly washed and styled hair. And that’s not all it does, our natural dry shampoo actually goes further and gives you an all round better experience. There’s a reason why it’s won so many awards!

natural dry shampoo

Here are 3 reasons you’re going to love our natural dry shampoo:

Feel Fresh

Unlike your average dry shampoo, our natural dry shampoo does actually clean your hair and leaves you feeling refreshed.

Instead of only using dry shampoo as a necessity until you can get around to washing your hair again, our product is designed to enable you to go for longer in between hair washes whilst still looking, feeling and smelling great.

Thanks to our innovative, botanical recipe (that really is 100% chemical free!) our natural dry shampoo can be used as part of your hair care routine, as something that is good for your hair and scalp, not detrimental.

natural dry shampoo

Oil Balancing

One of the core principles we hold dear here it Tabitha James Kraan Organics, is oil balancing. Every single one of our hair products is formulated to promote fantastic hair and scalp health and encourage healthy oil production – not too much, not too little. This is the pathway to naturally gorgeous hair.

When you over-wash your hair with detergent based shampoos, you are stripping the natural sebum that you hair needs to look it’s best and your scalp needs to function correctly. In turn, you scalp will start to over compensate and produce excess oil, which leads to greasy hair.

Our natural dry shampoo is gentle enough to use without fear of irritation and the natural ingredients used mean that you won’t be clogging hair follicles, so your scalp can be left to rebalance itself.

Amazing Volume

No-one enjoys having flat, limp hair but we don’t always have the time to do a full on blow dry or style before leaving the house everyday. Fortunately for you, with a sprinkle of our natural dry shampoo your hair can looked fabulously styled without the effort!

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