Why We love Little Butterfly London

Why we love Little Butterfly London

We are so excited to introduce Little Butterfly London to the Tabitha James Kraan Salon. Gudrun Wurm is the founder of the wonderful brand Little Butterfly London. Her products aren’t just amazing for baby’s, but also for those among us with sensitive skin and those with allergies to traditional skincare.

Gurdrun explains her story:

“After having my son, I found myself searching for organic skincare to enjoy during those special times together, caring for my baby’s as much as my own skin.
To my surprise, I found nothing that was organic, pure and safe for us both, as well as luxurious and exquisitely presented. Nothing seemed to shine out for the beauty of its natural ingredients, efficacy and philosophy to enjoy this truly special time.
And so I delved into the study of organics – those precious gifts that nurture the skin and calm the mind.

Eventually, it was an iridescent butterfly that crystallised my dream of creating the ultimate in mother and baby skincare. It seemed to perfectly embody fragile beauty and the delicate balance of nature. And so Little Butterfly London was born; the British brand for mothers with sky-high standards.
Every ingredient, every blend, design, box and ribbon has been held up to the light of that ideal, shimmering image of the butterfly in flight. Every product that we create must not only be natural, elegant and effective, but reach beyond organic purity to bring pleasure and lift the mood … and indulgence that is worthy of life’s most cherished moments.”

Little Butterfly London products are free from mineral oil, paraffin, parabens, SLS, silicones, DEA, TEA, PEGs and artificial fragrances. These types of ingredient (particularly mineral oils and paraffin wax) are still found in many products today. Mineral oils create a barrier that stops the skin from functioning freely and eliminating toxins. Their products are only lightly fragranced, using beautiful organic essential oils to ensure a pleasant experience whilst adding the benefits of their calming and soothing properties.

At Little Butterfly London, they only use natural and organic ingredients that gently condition, protect and feed the skin with essential nutrients.

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