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The Who’s Who in Natural Beauty is our annual list of the personalities who have helped to move the industry forward in terms of product development, consumer awareness, advances in ingredients and cracking the mainstream retail trade.

Vote Here for Natural Beauty Personalities 2016From product developers to company founders, and retailers to journalists, we think it’s time to focus on the high-flyers who never tire of championing true green beauty and showcasing what it stands for to the world at large.

This is your chance to influence who makes this years coveted Who’s Who in Natural Beauty.

As you all know, Tabitha has been campaigning for over 16 years now, to eradicate harmful chemicals from the hair industry and to create a sustainable business, since she changed her original salon in Broadway to be the first official Organic Hairdressing Salon in the UK.

Her groundbreaking and revolutionary 100% natural and organic haircare range, which she launched 2 years ago, has already won multiple international awards, but Tabitha herself has never been recognised for all the groundbreaking work she has been doing for nearly 2 decades.

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