The simple answer is yes……..

Why is it so bad?

UK water is subject to the curse that is Hard Water, as well as being heavily chlorinated. It occurs when “soft” rainwater accumulates minerals as it passes through soil and rocks. The water is infused with calcium and magnesium that can be harmful to our skin and hair.

If you’ve ever looked in your dishwasher or washing machine you will notice that these mineral deposits build up over time culminating in a hard residue called Limescale.

How Hard Water affects your Health & Hair

Now imagine your hair covered in limescale. Not a particularly nice thought.

In one way or another this is what is happening when hair is washed with unfiltered hard water. The calcium and magnesium residue has some lovely effects, leaving behind dull limp hair with a straw like texture and a film that is really difficult to get off. All in all, a recipe for untameable hair!

Is there a way out?!

All this sounds pretty awful, but there is a simple remedy. A replacement showerhead with built in water filter is a quick and relatively inexpensive way of reducing your exposure to these harmful minerals. The Culligan WSH-C125 Wall Mounted showerhead is a no-nonsense filter at an affordable price. Unlike it’s bulkier cousins, it looks and acts like a normal shower head. It’s cartridges do need to be replaced every six months but once again these are really reasonable.

At Tabitha James Kraan we want our customers to be able to get the best out of their hair and products. Our gentle natural cleansers are designed to clean without stripping the hair’s naturally occurring oils. However, these products perform at their best in soft water, as the ingredients are able to penetrate the sebaceous glands without struggling to break through a layer of residue.

See – It’s not all that bad