Traditional Beauty Secrets of the World – Organic Hair & Skincare

As an organic brand inspired by nature, we always love to find out about traditional beauty secrets of the world. Today, many of the secret ingredients that result in gorgeous hair and skin have been replaced by synthetic alternatives, but we know that being nurtured by nature is always best, just as ancient cultures have shown us time and again.

From luxury oils and superfoods to simple items that can be found in your kitchen, nature has provided us with all that we need to achieve the hair and skin of our dreams! Our products are 100% natural and are made up out of some of the best organic ingredients available that have been proven to leave you with luscious locks, and whilst our range is made in the UK, the ingredients we use have been utilised, traditionally, all over the globe.

Tabtiha James Kraan Luxury ORganic Hair Care Stocking Fillers

Here are a few of our favourite traditional beauty secrets of the world:

Croatia – Nettles

Nettles are incredibly potent and high in all sorts of wonderful stuff that leads to epic hair health and beautiful condition and this is something that has been widely used in Croatia for many years.

Traditionally, Croatians would gather nettles, boil them in water and then use that water to wash their hair instead of using shampoo. Nettles have the ability to cleanse your hair and scalp, naturally, as well as soothing and healing an itchy, irritated scalp.

India – Turmeric

Turmeric is truly magical stuff, both in root and dried powder form and it can work wonders both internally and externally.

Traditionally before an Indian wedding the bride will perform the ‘Haldi’ ceremony, which includes applying a face and body mask made out of turmeric, honey and yoghurt for a gorgeous, natural glow!

Philippines – Aloe Vera

We love Aloe Vera for so many reasons! Just having one of these lovely plants in your house can help to detoxify the air and the gel inside those plump leaves can heal wounds and sunburn, deeply moisturise your hair and skin and so much more.

Pilipino women are known for their stunningly beautiful, glossy locks and this might just come down to one of their traditional beauty secrets – an Aloe Vera hair mask!

We include Aloe Vera in our organic hair cleansers for the gel’s deeply moisturising properties, which is composed much like Keratin (the hair’s naturally occurring protein), meaning that the moisture delivery system is amazingly effective.

traditional beauty secrets

Morocco – Argan Oil

Argan Oil reached celebrity status a while ago and with good reason – this is one of those traditional beauty secrets that is great for just about everything!

Used in Morocco for thousands of years and now worldwide, Argan oil is a fantastic beauty product for creating sleek, smooth hair and deeply moisturised skin.

We have used Argan oil in our entire organic range for luminous shine and unbeatable manageability.

Russia – Oats

Something as simple as oats can make a fantastic addition to your beauty routine, which is why we’ve used in in our cleansers, 4-in-1 conditioner and scented hair oil.

We include oats in our hair products for the natural protein which enhances the strength of each hair shaft, but one of Russia’s traditional beauty secrets involves using oatmeal to create a smoothing face mask that leaves you with soft, silky skin.