Why are we so different?!

Hair colouring is a really hot topic at the moment. People have started to question whether what they’re colouring their hair with is fundamentally safe for their body. Significant steps have been made to introduce purer, and more natural hair washing alternatives however colouring systems seem to have been left in their dust. Why is this?

TJK has developed a unique and revolutionary form of colour application known as “Clever Colouring”. This is conscientious colouring in its truest form, with specialised methods that deliver the best results using the cleanest colouring products available. Our mindful, educated methods achieve beautiful results thinking about the body holistically.

We have a wealth of knowledge gained from years of experience pioneering organic colouring to the masses. Our unique team of highly trained specialists, led by Tabitha, have a deep understanding of hair types and colours, designing colour patterns that work with the seasons complimenting the client’s natural skin tone.

Since the 1950s the percentage of women colouring their hair has risen from 7% to 75%

Since the 1950s the percentage of women colouring their hair has risen from 7% to 75%. That is an extraordinary increase in such a short time, therefore the hair industry has had to react quickly.  The market has been flooded with chemical based hair colours, from temporary to semi-permanent, to the most harmful of all, permanent.

At TJK we believe it is the choice of the customer themselves whether they want to colour their hair, not the industry, not trends, nor society as a whole. Therefore our revolutionary way of colouring your hair, “Clever Colouring” was designed to decrease the chemical pollution your body is absorbing.

  • Breakthrough

    How we introduce guests to clever colouring.

    “Clever Colouring” is conscientious colouring, with specially designed, purposeful methods that deliver the most holistic results. We work using the cleanest colouring products around with mindful, educated methods achieving the most beautiful colour results possible. Converting our clients to “Clever Colouring” is an easy step; during the consultation guests are sometimes forthcoming with frustration about their current style/colours and the maintenance involved. We believe educating them about organic colouring and introducing them to a plethora of options allows them to know and understand the choices available to them.

    These choices allow most of these issues to be eliminated, so a guest can have a style which is more suited to them personally and which works for all aspects of their life. Their hair will subsequently be in the best condition possible, liberating them from the typical vicious colouring cycle giving them the freedom to own their haircare routine. No unsightly regrowth lines in sight!

  • Method

    Our highly trained stylists start by looking at the natural growth of the hair’s colour pattern; whether that may be grey, white, blonde, brunette or red tones. We set out a map to apply colour holistically. We are then mindful of this pattern and sympathetic to the hair’s natural state.  We have developed a number of methods giving a bespoke hand-painted feel to our colours.  We always work with skin tone to bring out the natural glow of the skin thinking about the time of year so that colours work for you, ensuring your skin colour is complementary to the season.  We believe that your hair colour should be working hard for you and flatter you, rather than negatively effecting your skin tone as is so often seen when hair colour is wrong. 

    The condition of the hair will be noticeably improved from the very first treatment using organic colours, making your locks more manageable and enjoyable….some would even say perfect!! We strongly believe hair thrives when it’s nurtured by Nature. By using the cleanest colouring products available we achieve beautiful colour results.

  • Result

    Simple! A more beautiful colour, which is safer and more natural.

    With natural products and methods, your hair will be given a new lease of life. It will be bouncier, shinier, more buoyant and much more manageable. Allowing your scalp to rejuvenate after years of chemical washing will mean bad hair days are a thing of the past.

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