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thick hair

Styling Tips For Thick Hair

Continuing our series on how to care for different hair types, where we looked at how to work with fine hair for sleek, beautiful results in our blog ‘Styling Tips For Fine Hair’, we are now going to share some industry secrets with you on how to care for very thick hair...
4th October 2015/by Tabitha
fine hair

Styling Tips For Fine Hair

Beautiful hair comes in all different forms, but to really get the most out of what you’ve got, it is so important to tend to your tresses according to it’s type...
29th September 2015/by Tabitha

A/W 2015 Lipstick Looks: Our Lipstick Guide

This year, the autumn/winter season is all about bright, bold shades to keep the heat turned up during the chillier months ahead, but it’s so important for find the right colour for your skin-tone to get the most out of your new look...
13th September 2015/by Tabitha

Hairstyle Tutorials For Short & Medium Length Hair

Enjoying a great hairstyle is not only reserved for those with long hair to play with, you can also create some really beautiful looks with short and medium length hair...
30th August 2015/by Tabitha

Makeup Tips: Brunette. Achieve the perfect lips, eyes and skin for your hair colour!

Brunette beauties are the most versatile of the lot when it comes to great makeup looks, so why not have some fun with it? Enjoy a relaxed ‘girl next door’ style with glowing skin and deep but natural eyes, go for gold for instant glam or brighten things up a bit with with colours to make your features pop...
26th July 2015/by Tabitha
summer hair care

Essential Summer Hair Care

Whether it’s the humidity making your hair frizz, the hot heat drying your strands out into a straw-like mass or just general dullness and and unwillingness to be tamed, we all have our summer hair woes – but fear not...
28th June 2015/by Tabitha
dry skin brushing

The Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing: Why It’s great & How To Do It!

Being the largest organ in our body, it’s no great surprise to learn that an estimated third of toxins are excreted through our skin and that being the case, Dry Skin Brushing has just entered in way up high on my beauty & wellness ‘to do’ list...
17th June 2015/by Tabitha
chamomile tea

Homemade Hair Treatments: Natural ingredients for cleansing, clarifying & lightening

Great hair starts with great ingredients, we like to keep our hair care 100% natural, using many hair health-boosting ingredients that you might well be able to find hidden away in your kitchen...
15th May 2015/by Tabitha

Health and Well-being Tips for Shiny Hair & Glowing Skin

A calm body is a happy body and you can’t get much more beautiful than that!
10th April 2015/by Tabitha
Top 5 food for Healthy Hair

Top 5 Foods for Healthy Hair

Just like every other part of your body, the cells and processes that support strong, vibrant hair depend on a balanced diet.
17th October 2014/by Tabitha
Tabitha JK review

Review: Picky about your hair products

30th August 2014/by Tabitha
Tabitha James Kraan Scented Hairoil to achieve a deep, glossy colour and protect your hair from the sun

Achieve a Deep, Glossy Colour with Hair oil

11th July 2014/by Admin
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