“Like Cures Like” – What does it mean?

Homeopathic medicines are prescribed according to natural laws, the most common of which being “The Law of Similars”.

What is this?

The Law of Similars states that a symptom of illness can be treated with substances that actually cause the original symptom; in other words “a stimulant for the over-stimulated”

Hippocrates wrote, “By similar things a disease is produced and through the application of the like it is cured”.

This works in relation to the Law of Potenisation, stating that the treatment must be at a certain level of potency so as not to cause harm.

So How Does This Work In Real Life?

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Coffee is known to have an exceedingly powerful effect on the body causing heart palpitations, racing thoughts, shaking hands, excitability and restlessness. According to the Law of Similars, if it is given to an unwell individual it should relieve these exact symptoms. Studies have shown that this is indeed the case. The homeopathic preparation of coffee, or Coffea Cruda has been proven to reduce the symptoms of insomnia and agitated thoughts in a number of patients.


It is a common concern when applying oil to your hair, that the application will make your scalp oilier. In concurrence with the Law of Similars, this is actually not the case.

The sebaceous glands are triggered into overproduction of oil when chemical based detergents (shampoos) strip away the natural oil layer.  The application of specialised hair oil will calm any sebaceous gland overproduction as the body tries to regain the natural balance and also protect the natural oils already in place. Therefore over time the oil on the scalp will actually reduce to it’s natural balance and be maintained by hair oil application.

Tabitha spent two years developing and testing the TJK Scented Hair Oil to behave as close to natural human hair oil as possible, whilst concurrently delivering a delicious scent.