Teen Spirit

Teenage hair is an important thing, and at Tabitha James Kraan we know that by the time you’re twelve you have some clear ideas about how you would like your hair to look. We also understand that as a parent, you might prefer to go on treating your teenager as a child when it comes to the full cut, colour and blow-dry works.

At Tabitha James Kraan we like to maintain family harmony wherever possible, so we’ve come up with a system that we hope works for both stylish teenagers and paying parents. Our salon has a stylist who is dedicated to young trends and treatments, and we have launched a heavily discounted scheme that gives you access to cutting edge hairdressing without it breaking the bank.

25% discount on all colour work


Cleanse, cut & finish £30
Cleanse & finish £21


Cleanse, cut & finish £20

Available for young people aged 12-19