Summer Festival Essential Beauty Kit List - Natural, Organic Products

Anyone who has ever been to a festival is probably familiar with the endless mud, grub and grime and comes hand in hand with the awesome music and laughs with friends, but you might find that by day two, baby-wipe showers are already losing their novelty factor and your hair and skin probably looks far from happy. However, this need not be the case...

Strobing Tutorial - Gorgeous Glowing Skin At Your Fingertips

Move over contouring – strobing is here! This new, lighter sculpting method for goddess-like bone structure is the perfect alternative for summer months when caking our faces with thick, dark makeup is less than appealing...
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Summer Skincare Tips

Follow our top summer skincare tips, at home and on holiday, to keep yourself looking and feeling great, whilst protecting your skin, during the warmer months ahead.

Summer 2015 Hair & Makeup Trends

Here are some of the hottest hair and beauty trends that hit the catwalks earlier this year and have taken the red carpet and world of celeb by storm, which you can now make your own...
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5 Fascinating Facts About Water! Natures Best Beauty Product...

One of the best health and beauty ‘products’ that you will ever use is actually free and easy to access for those of us lucky enough to live in the developed world...

Establish Your Skin Type & Discover Your Dream Skincare Routine

Are you getting the most out of your skincare routine? If you’re anything like the vast majority of people, the answer to this question is probably no...

Natural Summer Fragrance: Which natural scents make the best summer perfume?

The clocks have gone back, the evenings are lighter and we’ve started to switch out our wardrobes...dare I say it? Summer is very nearly here...