glass of water with strawberry

5 Fascinating Facts About Water! Natures Best Beauty Product…

One of the best health and beauty ‘products’ that you will ever use is actually free and easy to access for those of us lucky enough to live in the developed world...
hair brushing

The Truth About Hair Brushing: Our top tips on how to get the most out of your hair care rituals

Beautiful hair starts with healthy hair and whilst using high quality products is important, correct handling is imperative.
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Health and Well-being Tips for Shiny Hair & Glowing Skin

A calm body is a happy body and you can’t get much more beautiful than that!

Juicing Your Way to Healthy Hair: Our Top Juicing Recipes for Strong, Shiny Hair

Our juicing recipes have been carefully designed specifically for happy, shiny hair by using raw, natural ingredients that we know work wonders.
scalp massage

Scalp Massage – The Benefits & How To Do It Yourself!

Find out how to give yourself and your partner an effective scalp massage for thick, healthy, shiny hair! Learn natural remedies for healthy hair and scalp.
Tabitha James Kraan Scented Hairoil to achieve a deep, glossy colour and protect your hair from the sun
Sea Buckthorn for healthy, strong and shiny hair