Scented Gif Set for Dark Hair by Tabitha James Kraan

Natural Hair Styling On The Go! Must Have Hair Products for Your Handbag

Did you know about our hair perfume..... This product is truly a chemical free perfume, 100% natural ingredients that will only uplift and enhance your mood. We even added an amethyst stone rather than a chemical ingredient to blend the oils and liquids when you shake the bottle as we want you to be able to indulge yourself safely as often as you choose.
hair oiling

Hair Oiling: Oil Your Scalp for Holistic Full Body Benefits

We love hair oiling, for all of it’s incredible benefits to not only our locks but for our entire body and well being – hair oiling has been around for thousands of years and with good reason for both health and beauty.
Tabitha James Kraan Loves Healthy Hair

Hair Tutorial: Office to Evening Quick Hair Fix with TJK

With winter most definitely and quite suddenly here and Christmas fast approaching (we’re allowed to say that now because we’ve got the Wellchild Christmas Fair coming up soon, so it’s official!), the festive parties are going to start coming through thick and fast, so getting your ‘Office to Evening’ hair tutorial down and good to go is fast becoming an essential.
pure bristle brush

Pure Bristle Brush Benefits: Why They Work Best For Hair

You may have heard us talking in-salon about our love for a good quality, pure bristle brush and with good reason! We always recommend using a pure bristle brush as part of your journey to naturally beautiful hair – but why?