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Organic Hair Cleanser: Wash Your Hair Without Stripping

You may be familiar with the ‘no poo’ method, where using any hair washing product goes out the window in the mission to attain beautiful, healthy hair and you may have also heard about how regular high street shampoos strip your hair, despite claims of repair and deep moisturisation, but how does it all really work and why is our organic hair cleanser a better option than bot
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How Our Organic Hair Products Work: Get to Know Your Hair for Amazing Results

The way you care for your hair is a unique process for everyone and should be tailored to suit your own wants and needs and to really look after yourself, this should be done as organically as possible, but there is some basic science behind the way hair works that applies to all hair types.
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Organic Haircare: Retrain Your Hair for a Natural Routine

Being a newbie to using natural, organic haircare can be a little daunting and sometimes even a little disappointing at first, if you’re not quite sure how to do it right, as it is quite different from what you might be used to with ‘regular’ products that foam and strip and coat in synthetic ingredients.

Rose Oil – What are the Benefits?

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" The most captivating, the most fragrant of flowers. It would not have been possible to imagine a luxurious Tabitha James Kraan product without the addition of Rose.
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Styling Tips For Thick Hair

Continuing our series on how to care for different hair types, where we looked at how to work with fine hair for sleek, beautiful results in our blog ‘Styling Tips For Fine Hair’, we are now going to share some industry secrets with you on how to care for very thick hair...

Blonde Hair Care Do’s & Don’ts

It is possible to have bleach blonde tresses that remain silky and nourished, it’s just a matter of knowing the do's and don’ts....
Organic Hair Products

Organic Hair Products – Why You Need Organic Hair Care In Your Life

Find out why you need organic hair products in your life. Learn about what organic means and why it's so much better than the harsh, chemical alternatives.
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For the Love of Hair

With certified organic essential oils of Rose, give your Valentine a gift which will transform the hair.