Tabitha explains Why Natural is better for your hair, body and health.

Hair Thrives When It is Nurtured By Nature

Natural products enable the hair strand and follicles to absorb all the goodness and moisture they need. By applying a natural hair oil, the hair strand will be sealed thus holding in the moisture you’ve been so stringently applying...

Lavender – What are the Benefits?

Lavender Oil is said to be the most versatile and most recognised essential oil in the world but why have we used it in our Award Winning products?

How to Battle the January Blues

January is the most dreaded month of the year. But don't let this get you down!! There are amazing things all around you this month to put an enormous smile on your face.

Nature’s Best Kept Secret

Everyone is searching for that one treatment that will solve all their beauty woes, leave them looking and feeling refreshed, and not cost the world.