Lavender - What are the Benefits?

Lavender Oil is said to be the most versatile and most recognised essential oil in the world but why have we used it in our Award Winning products?

Gym Trends 2016

No Beauty Editor worth their salt would be seen dead washing their tresses with the communal shower gel, so what are the Organic Gym Bag Essentials?!
Since the 1950s the percentage of women colouring their hair has risen from 7% to 75%

TJK Colouring Methods

Hair colouring is a really hot topic at the moment. Here at TJK we challenge traditional colouring methods using our bespoke treatments and putting less strain on your body.

The Scent Story - Part 3

So now we know what Aromatherapy Oils are, how we extract them and why we use them, but how can you harness their phenomenal powers and scent correctly?

The Scent Story - Part 2

Essential Oils are the naturally recurring oils found in all plant species from giant Redwoods to the tiniest rose bush. There are two key methods for extracting them: Distillation and Expression.

Best Natural Beauty Product 2016

It's official! What an amazing week!! TJK stormed through the Natural & Organic Awards winning Best Natural Beauty Product with the Compact Dry Shampoo

Flying the British Flag

Tabitha explains why making the TJK range in England was so important to her ethos and beliefs.

Colouring - why is it so harmful?

Colouring your hair is all the rage, but is it really as safe as they say? I delve into the depths of the science to investigate.
Tabitha James Kraan and the Art of Growing Up, Naturally

The Natural Way of Growing Up

I am known for my pioneering range of haircare cleansers, conditioners, and treatments that have replaced the chemical hazards found in everyday shampoos and conditioners with better, natural alternatives.
Tabitha's Journal

Beautiful Women

The natural revolution wouldn't be possible without the talent and passion of some very special women, without whom the Beauty Industry would be a very different place!