valentine's day

8 Simple Ways to Love & Appreciate Yourself This Valentine’s Day

We’re all familiar with Valentine’s Day being a time to express love and gratitude towards your partner in crime, but why not take some time out this year to practice a bit of self-love instead?

Mindfulness: Daily Rituals That Could Change Your Life

It’s very easy to rush through life without ever being truly present to each passing moment. Mindfulness is a simple thing that is very easy to neglect in our busy, every day lives but by simply taking the time to breathe for a moment and become aware of yourself and your surroundings you may find that your health and wellbeing can improve exponentially!

Yoga Tutorial: 3 Simple Stress Relieving Yoga Poses

We all get a little stressed from time to time, with the fast paced living that modern day life presents us with, but if you ever have one of those days where you feel like everything is just getting the better of you, it can be hard to know what to do with yourself...

Meditation for Beginners – Detox your mind, body & soul

With sunny weather comes the overwhelming urge to get ‘summer ready’, but when you’re planning your big body detox – don’t forget about the body & soul...