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Natural Pregnancy Pampering: Safe Beauty for You & Your Baby

Are you thinking about altering your beauty routine for a natural pregnancy? If there was ever a time to switch your products to using safe, natural alternatives, during pregnancy is it. My midwife changed everything for me when I was pregnant with my first child, by highlighting that my skin would absorb everything I put on it, going into my blood stream and into my unborn baby. This was the point in my life that changed everything about how I ran my salon and leading to the products I now create.
Why we love Little Butterfly London

Why We love Little Butterfly London

We are so excited to introduce Little Butterfly London to the Tabitha James Kraan Salon. Gudrun Wurm is the founder of the wonderful brand Little Butterfly London. Her products aren’t just amazing for baby’s, but also for those among us with sensitive skin and those with allergies to traditional skincare.