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Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine! Detoxify Your Life

So, you’ve made the switch to non-toxic hair care with the Tabitha James Kraan Organics collection, but what about the rest of your beauty products?
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Homemade Hair Treatments: Natural ingredients for cleansing, clarifying & lightening

Great hair starts with great ingredients, we like to keep our hair care 100% natural, using many hair health-boosting ingredients that you might well be able to find hidden away in your kitchen...

Juicing Your Way to Healthy Hair: Our Top Juicing Recipes for Strong, Shiny Hair

Our juicing recipes have been carefully designed specifically for happy, shiny hair by using raw, natural ingredients that we know work wonders.
Natural hair care ingredients used by Tabitha James Kraan High Performance Hair Organics

Natural Hair Care Ingredients and Why We Use Them – Nature’s Best Kept Beauty Secrets

Our top natural ingredients and why we use them in our natural, organic cleansers, conditioner & more...
Dangerous ingredients found in lipstick

What is in Your Lipstick ?

Have you ever really looked at the common ingredients in your lipstick?