Why We Got Our Products Certified by The Soil Association

We’re proud of what we do and the products we make and we want to shout our non-toxic ingredient lists from the roof-tops! We love inviting our loyal customers behind the scenes for insider knowledge on what we’re all about.
buy local

Why You Should Buy Local and How it Helps You & The Planet

Choosing to buy local means a lot to us here at Tabitha James Kraan and we love it when we hear about our fans following suit. You may have noticed that all of our organic hair products are ‘made in Britain’ and we always plan to keep it that way! This isn’t because we’re patriotic, it’s because we’re passionate about keeping our products eco-friendly and as good for you and the planet as possible.

Veganuary: Try Vegan This Month with These Great Recipes

Anyone who knows our brand will know that aside from our own wellbeing, we always consider the protection of the planet in any products that we create and that’s why we’re big advocates of Veganuary – a whole month dedicated to trying vegan for the month of January.
natural dry shampoo

3 Reasons You’re Going to Love Our Natural Dry Shampoo

Looking for a natural dry shampoo that performs better than the toxic stuff you think you can’t live without? We’ve got you covered.
young lady sitting wrapped in towels

Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine! Detoxify Your Life

So, you’ve made the switch to non-toxic hair care with the Tabitha James Kraan Organics collection, but what about the rest of your beauty products?