Styling Tips For Thick Hair

Continuing our series on how to care for different hair types, where we looked at how to work with fine hair for sleek, beautiful results in our blog ‘Styling Tips For Fine Hair’, we are now going to share some industry secrets with you on how to care for very thick hair!

Thick hair is a blessing, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t come with it’s own set of trials and tribulations. When handled correctly, thick hair works beautifully in almost all styles and is envied by many but without the right hair care routine it can wind up being an unmanageable mess.

Transform your unruly thick hair into luscious locks by following these simple tips:

thick hair

Condition Before Cleansing

Thick hair is often also dry hair and even if it’s not in a damaged condition, it can always stand a little extra moisture without running the risk of getting greasy. Hair is very absorbent, but it can only take in so much; to get the most out of your conditioner, start your hair washing with your conditioner before moving on to your shampoo (or better yet, your hair cleanser like our Amber Rose Organic Hair Cleanser).

Use as little water as possible, just enough to help you work the product through, comb so that it coats your hair evenly from root to tip and leave on for a deep condition whilst you go about your showering business! When you’ve left your conditioner on for at least 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly, massage a little shampoo or cleanser into your roots, rinse through and depending on your personal preference you may even want to condition again for a super silky finish.

You could give the hair an even deeper condition by adding the ultimate replenishing product Scented Organic Hair Oil to the hair before you go to bed at night and wash the hair with the above method the following morning.  This will allow your hair to take what it needs from the oil and gently cleanse away the excess.  The more moisture you can get into thick hair the better it looks and feels and it will even blow-dry more quickly as hair that is not dehydrated allows water to evaporate really quickly, the whole TJK range encourages fast hair drying for that reason.

Go For Layers

When deciding on a hair cut for thick hair, be sure to include lots of layers to keep it light. Blunt ended layers, where the layers are all one length aren’t ideal for extra thick hair as this still leaves it too heavy. Ask you stylist for layers that taper around your neck for a softer silhouette and manageable finish. Length wise, growing very thick hair long can be too heavy, but too short is tricky to work with, so think about trying a chin or shoulder length bob. If you’re unsure what would work for you, book a consultation with your hairdresser for expert advise and be sure to keep up with regular trims every 6-8 weeks to keep it in tip top condition.

Avoid The Heat

Heat styling and hot water are not helpful for those of you with thick hair, so avoid when possible! Keep your showers cool if you can, as hot water expands the hair shaft leaving thick hair even thicker and coarser, meaning unmanageable and frizzy! Air-drying often isn’t an option for thick hair unless you have moisturized sufficiently try applying 4-8 pumps of TJK 4-1 conditioner and directing the form you are looking for with your hands and then allow the hair to dry naturally.

If you are blow drying invest in a high powered hair dryer for best results and repeat drying over each section several times but keep your dryer moving and ensure that each section is bone dry – you’ll be much happier with the end result working in this way too!  If you use the 4-1 conditioner at this point when blow drying smooth or textured you will achieve fab results easily without over working your arms and the hair will stay for longer as moisturising well achieves longevity of your style.