Styling Tips For Fine Hair

Beautiful hair comes in all different forms, but to really get the most out of what you’ve got, it is so important to tend to your tresses according to it’s type. Using a heavy conditioner designed for thick hair when you actually have fine hair, or a volumizing shampoo for fine hair when your hair is dry and damaged can have far from the desired effect – and it’s not only the variations of products that can make the difference, it’s also the way you use them and the way you treat your hair.

fine hair

To help you obtain the fairytale locks of your dreams, we have some easy pointers for each hair type, on how to tweak your routine for best results and choose the right hair products to suit you.

On today’s blog, we will be looking at how to work with fine hair, but keep checking back for future blogs on other hair types too!

There is a common misconception in the beauty world regarding fine hair: fine hair does not mean thin hair, these are two very different things. Just because you have masses of hair on your head, that does not make your hair type ‘thick’ and vice versa. To establish your hair type, you need to look at the individual strands, not the whole head of hair; you also need to consider how your hair behaves when washed and dried: Is it flyaway (ie. Do you tend to have a fuzzy halo of hair?)? Is it prone to getting greasy quickly? These are signs of fine hair that needs a change of routine.

For instant transformation, all you need to do is alter a few things. Those of you with fine hair, take heed!

fine hair

Use A Leave-in Conditioner

Fine hair tends to be flyaway and often, when styled without product, you might find that you struggle to create a smooth, sleek finish. However, using styling product often isn’t an option for fine hair because they leave you looking lackluster or maybe even a little greasy. It’s a catch 22! If this sounds like you, the best thing you can do is to switch your regular conditioner to a leave-in conditioner like our 4-in-1 conditioner (now available in our wonderful Amber Rose scent!). This provides gentle hold and deep nourishment without weighing the hair down. By using just a small, pea-sized amount, you’ll be left with a smooth finish without having to use hairsprays or tricky styling techniques.

Keep It Cool

When drying your hair, always opt for the lowest setting on the coolest temperature and angle the air down the hair shaft, never up or across. This will not only help to reduce heat damage (which happens pretty easily on fine hair), but it will also help reduce frizz and hold style. Avoid rough drying with a towel as much as possible and dry with a hair drier until at least 90% dry, using your hand and fingers to comb, before using your brush.

Turn Up The Volume

Choosing the right hair products for fine hair can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any. For added volume, ditch the drying, volumizing shampoo and instead, add a little lift at the root using our award-winning dry shampoo. For fine hair, you’ll want to avoid using most products at the root and instead, start from the tips up, but for dry shampoo a little dusting along your parting can work wonders and provide a great pick-me-up.