Stay Cool & Look Cool

Beat The Heat With Our Top Tips!

Beat the heat this summer with our tops tips to stay cool and look cool!
We wait all year long for the sun to start shining, but when it does, we remember that keeping cool presents somewhat of a challenge. If you’ve tried the old running your wrists under cold water (which definitely does help, so give it a go if you haven’t!) and you’ve got every fan you can get your hands on blowing up a storm but you’re still struggling, you may want to try these unusual alternatives to well and truly chill out…

Stay Cool

Drink Chrysanthemum Tea

As it’s a herbal tea, this is not only refreshing and cooling due to it’s unique properties but it will also help you to stay hydrated, so a plus all round! Many practitioners (particular those trained in Chinese medicine) say that chrysanthemum is a cooling herb which can help lower your temperature. And it’s benefits don’t stop there! It’s also a great liver detox, helps to clear skin, ease digestion and is rich in vitamin C

Practice Cool Meditation

Sit back,  relax and breathe your self into into a mindful state (learn how to do that on our Meditation For Beginners blog). Close your eyes and bring to mind a very cold place – think snow or cool waters…Research has shown that the body really does respond to this sort of image work and that imagining you’re in a cool setting can reduce your overall temperature.

Eat spicy food

Perhaps not so appealing when you’re already sweating from the heat, but believe it or not spicy food containing chillies and other hot ingredients can stimulate heat receptors in the mouth, boost circulation and cause sweating, which cools the body down by releasing heat. It’s a great way to clear pores too!

Use a Peppermint Mist

Make your own cooling spritz by simply brewing a pot (or mug) of peppermint tea,  allow to cool to room temperature and then pop it into the fridge for at least an hour. Once it’s well chilled it will be ready to use. For easy and refreshing application, decant the liquid into a spray bottle (pick one up from your local pharmacy), screw the lid on firmly and use a pump or two to mist yourself throughout the day. Minty fresh!

Smell Great & Stay Cool

Our TJK Hair Perfume not only smells super refreshing with it’s zesty notes of lemon and neroli, but it also works perfectly as a pick me up for hair and skin throughout the day. This goes a step further than just keeping you cool (although it will certainly do just that too!), as the carefully selected ingredients will boost the overall shine and appearance of your hair. Avoid frizz with a little spray of this beauty and feel confident that you smell fantastic when everyone is getting a bit hot and sticky..

Wear Natural Fibres

Keep your wardrobe as natural as possible to keep cool, with delicate fabrics made of cotton, silk and extra soft bamboo fibres. Synthetic materials will only raise your temperature and stop your skin being able to breathe properly – here are some of our favourite summer wardrobe essentials:

  • Forget ‘little black dress’, go for ‘little white dress’ instead! And why not embrace the cut-out fashion for some extra breathability. Dark colours absorb heat whereas whites reflect it, so keep it light!
  • Short playsuits are fun for all occasions and are the perfect pick for a day to night outfit. Team with pumps and a trilby during the day for cool, casual attire and ramp it up with red lippy, wedges and a nipped in jacket in the evening.
  • Linen is just so beautiful to wear and it’s especially wonderful in all those wide legged pants we’ve been seeing all over the place. A breezy alternative to tighter leg-wear which keeps you cool whilst staying covered up.