It’s time to start the New Year with excitement, feeling good, looking great and ready to kick 2016’s caboose!!

Now folks, we were told a few months ago that cancer was luck of the draw, once again opinions have changed and we’re back to the lifestyle argument!

So what can we do to adjust our lifestyle in the long term?

The New Year is upon us, and it’s an exciting time! But is this excitement being a little clouded by a post Christmas, post party indulgence slump? It’s time for the New Year’s resolutions and this year we’re taking it back to basics. We’re starting the year on a high. Starting as we mean to go on. Changing our routine for the long term.

In the midst of winter when the rain is lashing at the windows and the wind chills you to the bone why not give yourself a health boost; an injection of vitamins and antioxidants to not only bring a smile to your face, but also a smile to your insides?

Juice Boost

At Tabitha James Kraan, we are big fans of the Juice Detox. This involves cleansing the body with a specific seasonal combination of fruits and vegetables, whilst abstaining from eating solid food for a number of days. This is a fantastic way of eliminating toxins from your digestive system and giving your body the natural boost it needs at this time of year.

Everyday we consume toxins, in the form of preservatives, colorants, water infused chemicals (chlorine) and air based chemicals (carbon monoxide). Subsequently our immune systems are continuously under attack and need a little rest-bite now and then. The theory behind eliminating solid foods from our diet for a number of days is that it enables the body to focus on expelling the toxins swimming around in our system, thus allowing our bodies to function at their very best.

It is really important to ensure the juice you are using is organic and freshly sourced so you get the very best effects. Our partners at The Healthy Juice Company have years of experience producing expertly crafted juices and even delivering them to your door during their programmes. You can’t ask for more than that. Their certified organic juices are freshly pressed every morning with a delicious variety of nutrients and flavours; a colourful blessing for your body.

Residental Detox

Why not really treat yourself and book in for a residential Detox Retreat with our friends at The Milestone Detox? Their unique programmes are designed to empower you and your body providing you with the information to make the long term commitment to protect your health.

Not only will the detox provide you with the tools to make long term adjustments, but it is a fantastic way to lose those extra indulgence pounds from the festive period.

At this time of year it is the little things that make the difference. These simple remedies are a great way to give your body the health boost it needs.

But do remember, you’re only human. A slip up or two isn’t the end of the world.