Sock Bun Tutorial

beautiful hair in 6 easy steps

After a gorgeous hairstyle that’s totally wearable, office & play? Look no further! We’ve got it covered. Oh, and you’ve only got 10 minutes to create it? No problem. Regularly seen on the Red Carpet by the likes of actress Sarah Hyland, the BIG sock bun is cute, it’s chic and it’s downright glamorous when dressed up – if you teach yourself how to do one style, this should be it.

Follow our ridiculously easy tutorial on how to get your very own big sock bun atop your head. With just a few, basic (and a little odd) tools you can whip up this great look in just 6 easy steps.

How to get Sarah Hyland's doughnut-shaped topknot

What You’ll Need

  • 1 x bristle brush
  • 1 x hair tie
  • A few Kirby grips (although you may not even need these!)
  • 1 x sock

Best on day old hair and even better with a dusting of Tabitha James Kraan Dry Shampoo for added hold and perfect texture.

  • First thing’s first – you need to make your padding for your sock bun! If you happen to have a hair donut then you can follow these tips using that too, but if you don’t, an old sock is just as good! Take a pair of scissors and cut the toe part clean off so that you’re left with an open end. Hold one end of the sock with your fingertips and roll in on itself over and over until you are left with a little sock donut.

  • Brush your hair through thoroughly, ensuring it’s tangle and bump free. Scrape up into a ponytail at whatever height you would like to wear your sock bun at (try it high up on the crown of your head – adorable). Brush into a smooth ponytail and secure with your hair tie. TOP TIP: If you’re brushing your hair up into a high pony, remember to brush diagonally at the top of your head from front to back for a sleek and even result.

  • Take your pre-prepared sock or donut and pull your ponytail through it until you have the padding around the hair tie.

  • Now here is where we get a little different from your usual sock bun, which is generally much smaller, and we transform into the big sock bun instead, which gives the illusion of having masses of thick, long hair tucked away. Rather than working with the hair around the base of your ponytail as you normally would, pull the sock to the end of your hair so that you’re only left with a few inches sticking out. Start working with this end section by evenly (or as close to ‘evenly’ as possible) splaying out the loose ends to cover the sock as much as possible and then tuck the ends into the hole on the underside of the padding.

  • Trying your best the keep those end bits tucked in, start twisting the sock donut and now your hair in on itself. This may look quite messy at first and like it’s not going to work, but persevere! Something magical happens where it all just falls into place with the final twist at the base of your ponytail. Admittedly, this may take you a few attempts to get right, but when you do, you’ll know. You’ll be left with a perfectly round, and amazingly well secured big sock bun!

  • If you want to pull the bun in a little tighter, you can use a couple of Kirby grips underneath the bun to pull it in. Otherwise, the sock bun needs no other securing! Finish with a spritz of high shine hair spray for lasting results and to control those flyaways.