Showing Grey Gracefully

How to get the most out of your grey hair…

As recently discussed on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour by the wonderful Mary Beard and friends, ‘Going Grey’ has always been a bit of a taboo in the beauty world, but when done right, grey hair can look sophisticated and down right beautiful – being a silver fox really IS a thing.

If you’re past the point of salt & pepper and root touch ups are becoming increasingly regular, why not consider embracing your new colour and really making the most of it? Grey hair is actually super hot on the fashion circuit right now anyway, so there couldn’t be a better time to ease yourself in gently. Are you under the impression that grey hair means getting old? Think again – grey hair can (and with our tips WILL) be sexy. Why not give it a shot? 

Or……let one of our TJK expert stylists show you how to have it cleverly coloured to work with your grey, but not show it allow your roots to flow in as they grow.


Here’s how to get the most out of your new grey hair…

  • The Transition

    The ‘half in half out’ stage is always the hardest bit to get past, with pretty much everything in life. It can be a struggle to wait for your grey hair to grow in, but there are ways to make it easier. Pop in to see us in Stow on the Wold and ask for some guidance. Depending on how much grey you have coming in, multi-tonal highlights and lowlights can work wonders, particularly if going from dark to light. Alternatively, your stylist may suggest a semi-permanent tint to cover up the speckles until you have more of it grown in, which will gradually reveal itself as the dye washes out.

    If you already have a full head of grey hair, adding depth to it with highlights and lowlights looks stunning. A nifty colour job can help boost contrast, make your skin look healthier and your eye colour really pop. Book in a consultation and see what we can do…

  • The Treatment

    Contrary to popular belief, grey hair is not actually coarser than pigmented hair, but it is finer and much more dry. As we age, our oil glands stop producing as much sebum as they once did and so to keep your hair looking beautiful your routine will have to change to accommodate this.

    Try using our natural cleanser for lift and then our moisturizing conditioner to keep your hair healthy. Keep your hair protected in the sun (grey hair is more vulnerable to sun damage as it does not contain melanin) and treat yourself to a deep condition once a week with our Tabitha James Kraan Scented Organic Hair Oil. You may also want to consider adding a daily shine and moisture boost with either topical application of our Scented Organic Hair Oil or regular application of our Organic 4-in-1 Conditioner. Our own founder Tabitha James-Kraan proudly wears her own hair grey, having developed the TJK range with grey at the forefront of her mind, as well as the full range of colours.  Every member of the range will enhance your colour from warming natural tones with the Scented Organic Hair Oil, to boosting colour with the Organic Dry Shampoo. Play with the tone of your hair with these marvellous products.

    To keep your hair silver and gorgeous, it’s so important to keep it deeply moisturised. Our 100% Natural product range will boost your hair’s beautiful, delicate tones by layering multiple moisture layers with every application. Because of the new grey trend there are now loads of options, not just the old stuff that smells like grannies!

  • The Finishing Touches

    To really own your natural grey look, makeup can also play an important part in making your grey hair look great.

    Avoid earth tones on all accounts – so that’s clothes too. Neutral colours like beige, brown and olive can leave your skin looking dull and a little washed out, so instead, go for peach, pink, apricot or brights makeup tones and stick to black, white, grey and deep but bright colours for clothes. Another key point to remember is pay close attention to your eyebrows! Keep them well groomed and defined to frame your face and draw attention to your eyes.

Unsure about whether to colour your natural locks? Don’t feel forced into conforming by the big wide world. Celebrate your age and indulge in the “fantasy of naturalism”. You can be Cutting Edge, Forward Thrusting and Grey!