Sexy Beach Style

Natural Beach Waves Without The Heat Styling!

Are you beach body ready? We’ve all seen those ads…and the answer is: of course you are! But are you beach style ready? Well now that’s a different question altogether. Looking great on holiday is all part of the fun but there’s no denying that looking your best whilst salt water drenched, sand laden and soaking up the sun, does not come as naturally as the movies might like to make out. That being said, no-one likes to go overboard with beach style – it is a time for relaxing after all and spending precious sunning hours preening our hair is less than appealing and using tongs, straighteners and driers should be avoided where possible in hot weather. So what’s the answer? Can you achieve simple, sexy, beach style with minimal time and effort? Yes, you can. Here’s how!

When it comes to hair, gorgeous beach style is easy! The salt and minerals from the sea water will naturally promote those sexy waves that all those salt sprays out there help us achieve back home, but this, combined with intense heat from the sun can leave your hair looking a bit limp and frazzled. Also, as with all hairstyles, it is unlikely that your hair will automatically transform into Bond Girl Beach Beauty (unless you are very lucky!), so you may want to give it a little helping hand – don’t worry though, no heat styling is required!

Salt water will provide the ideal hold and texture for your dream beach style, so you don’t need to worry about that, but you might want to think about using a leave in conditioner each day to help tame frizz and replenish lost moisture. We love John Masters Organics Green Tea & Calendula Leave-in Conditioning Mist, which is lightweight enough for daily use, packed full of anti-oxidants and boosts volume, manageability and shine for healthy looking locks.

Coax your hair into perfect beach waves (without harmful heat styling) using this method

1. Wash or rinse your hair – it doesn’t hurt to leave in some of that salty goodness, so just a clean water rinse to get rid of any dirt will do. If you want to completely wash your hair though, you might want to give your damp hair a quick spritz of sea mist and of course, your leave in conditioner.

2. Take a small section (an inch or two wide, depending on how tight you want your waves) and begin to twist from root to tip. Comb through the section with your fingers as you go to ensure that all the hair in the section is getting a good twist.

3. Once you reach the end of your hair, lift the tip up to the crown of your head and secure with a clip or two.

4. Continue all over your head, starting at the front on one side, round to the back and then begin on the other side, twisting in the opposite direction, to the back. For best results, make sure you are always twisting away from your face.

5. Sleep on it. In the morning, un-clip, flip upside down and give your hair a gentle raking with your fingers. Flip back up and there you have it – perfect beach style!

beach style
beach style