Seminar with Janey Lee Grace

An audience with Janey

Janey is the author of the No 1 amazon bestseller Imperfectly Natural Woman & Getting Life Right The Natural Way, and her new book ‘Look Great Naturally , without ditching the lipstick’.

She is a passionate speaker and regularly appears on TV and radio (co-hosting Steve Wright in the afternoon on BBC Radio 2) offering expert knowledge and experience of all things holistic from organic food and clothing to chemical free cleaning and natural birth and parenting.

“The start of a new year is a great time to take stock of everything & look at the real holistic picture. Instead of making resolutions that you’ll almost certainly not keep, decide what you really want. Create a vision board or even just a notebook, stick pictures, quotes, ideas that represent your dreams and goals. Look at it regularly and set your intentions.”

For more information on Janey, visit her website