What Are The Benefits?

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” The most captivating, the most fragrant of flowers. It would not have been possible to imagine a luxurious Tabitha James Kraan product without the addition of Rose.

Originally from the Orient, this beautiful, aromatic flower now graces the florists of the world. There are 250 different species classed as roses from wild to hybrid, but only 3 are produced for their magnificent scent.


From ancient times, the rose has been used lavishly to scent homes, as gifts and just to bring a beautiful piece of nature into our homes.

The Romans were known to adorn statues of their gods with offerings of fresh roses then scattered rose petals throughout their homes during banquets to immerse their guests in the heavenly scent. They were famous for their rose cultivation not only using the flowers as decorative pieces but also for perfumes and healing oils. Hector’s body was famously embalmed with Rose oil, said to bring him closer to the Gods in death.

During the Middle Ages monks began to grow roses in monastery gardens to be used for medicinal purposes harnessing their soothing properties. The French are renowned for their world famous distilled rosewater of which rose oil was is by product.

There are said to be in the region of 22 tonnes of rose oil produced worldwide every year, exported internationally. The majority of oil is harnessed for it’s exquisite scents by perfumeries, but the oil can also be used to calm skin irritations eliminate wrinkles and soothe puffiness.

How Can It Help You?

Rose Oil smells amazing which has real effect on our emotional and psychological needs, but it also has some wonderful health benefits. It is a renowned antidepressant, antiphlogistic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral and bactericidal to name a few. It can boost self-esteem, uplift the senses, protect recovering wounds from septice, prevent viruses and aid in bacterial recovery.

Alongside it’s soothing properties, Rose Oil helps to smooth and soften the hair strands. It infuses the hair with moisture preventing long term dehydration which is particularly beneficial for those with dry or brittle hair. Rose Oil has been known to treat a multitude of scalp conditions, from pacifying psoriasis to reducing dandruff ultimately alleviating discomfort and calming nerves.

At TJK we believe luxury starts with the way your body feels. The Amber Rose collection harnesses the restorative and moisturising powers of pure organic Rose Oil creating manageable, beautiful hair and enveloping your body in the wonderfully natural scent.