Coming Up Roses: Why We Love Using Organic Rose Oil

There are a few natural ingredients that we love so much, we can’t help but use them again and again! One of those, that you will see featured in our organic cleansers, conditioners, scented hair oil and dry shampoo is rose oil.

Rose oil is one of the most revered and respected oils out there and with good reason. Despite the delicate and elegant appearance of the flower, the oil that was historically extracted via steam, really packs quite a punch when it comes to health and beauty and it a must have in any natural beauty buff’s regime.

As one of the most valuable oils on the planet, it doesn’t come cheap – or easy! This amazing oil can take tens of thousands of individual rose petals to produce a small amount, but it’s well worth it for the potency and efficacy of this little hero.

Why We Love Rose Oil

Hair Repair

By now, you’ve probably figured out that beautiful hair that is restored and maintained naturally is kind of our thing, so our products were never going to be without rose oil!

Bursting with vitamin A (an essential for anti-aging and retaining much needed moisture) and the ideal hair tonic, thanks to it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and oil regulating properties; including rose oil in our products enhances resilience and elasticity, as well as boosting shine and volume.


All of our organic haircare products are scented beautifully using aromatherapy blends, so that you’re not just treating your hair to a pampering session every time you’re in the shower, but your mind, body and senses too.

Rose oil is one of the most effective natural anti-depressants out there, instantly boosting self-esteem, confidence, mental strength and deep feelings of spiritual relaxation.


An effective but gentle astringent is an excellent thing to have handy for a huge number of reasons, and this oil is just that. Whether you’re wanting to strengthen your hair roots to promote longer, stronger hair growth or you’re applying topically to your skin for a toning and tightening effect, this oil does it all. It can even help to prevent tooth loss when used on the gums and to heal wounds by contracting blood vessels – impressive!


We’re all subject to illnesses all year round, from coughs and sniffles to more unpleasant viruses. By adding rose oil into your health and/or beauty routine, you’ll be boosting your immune system and keeping these nasty bugs at bay!

It’s incredible that something so simple can have such an impact on your well-being, but it really can. Forget your pharmaceutical cold remedies and stock up on rose oil instead as your protection this year.

rose oil
rose oil


As mentioned above, rose oil amazingly helps to boost your confidence and that’s not just because you smell great when you use it! Rose oil in fact acts as a tonic for the nerves, helping those who use it to deal with shocks and anxiety disorders. If you’ve got a big meeting coming up or a date where you’re hoping to impress, don’t forget your rose oil!


One of the reasons we’re so keen on using natural hair and beauty products is that our skin and scalp are incredibly absorbent, meaning whatever you put onto your hair or body will go in. This is bad news, when using products filled with chemicals, but great news when you’re using organic products. Rose oil is a depurative, which means that it purifies the blood through removal and neutralisation of toxins present. By using our products containing lovely rose oil, you won’t just be benefitting your hair, but your whole body too.