Product Review: Picky About Your Hair Products ?

By Nicolle Mackinnon from No More Dirty Looks

Tabitha JK review

I’ve always been picky. Picky about my food, picky about cleanliness, picky about how things are organized, picky about my lip balm. There was span of three years when I refused to wear jeans because they were too “crunchy” (my firework-embellished leggings got a lot of playing time in second grade). My sister still makes fun of me for losing my s when she played too hard with my Barbies and messed up their hair.

My pickiness is ubiquitous, and haircare is no different. I’m more particular about my hair than maybe any other part of me. I’ve always figured that, while I can’t control my hormonal skin and I can’t change the fact that I’m allergic to everything, I CAN make my hair pretty. So, when it comes to color, style or product, my pickiness abounds and my standards are high.

Natural, clean hair products have therefore been a struggle for me. While I knew that these new, toxic-free formulas were better for my hair, I also wasn’t initially finding ones that made my hair look better.

Now, I have my go-tos, products I cling to for dear life, and refuse to sample other formulas, lest I ruin my ‘do for the day. You can therefore understand my hesitation when I got England-based Tabitha James Kraan products in the mail. Pretty packaging, a lovely ingredients list, and a hair perfume (a hair perfume?!) got my attention, but it was the scent that got me to take a leap and actually test the products out.