You may have heard us talking in-salon about our love for a good quality, pure bristle brush and with good reason! We always recommend using a pure bristle brush as part of your journey to naturally beautiful hair – but why?

Anyone interested in maintaining great hair health has probably come across the suggestion of using a pure bristle brush and although pricier than your average plastic brush, it really is well worth the investment.

pure bristle brush

Why Use a Pure Bristle Brush?

Condition Your Hair

We’re all about moisture layering and having well-balanced, glossy hair here at TJK and although our 4-in-1 conditioner and scented hair oil go a long way in giving you this, a pure bristle brush is the finishing touch.

Unlike a synthetic brush, a pure bristle brush is made up of material that is actually a very similar composition to human hair. Because of this, when you brush your hair from root to tip, a pure bristle brush will pick up your natural hair oils (and your TJK product too!) and help to distribute it evenly throughout your locks.

This means less oil sitting on the roots giving that ‘greasy’ effect, and more oil where you need it – on your dry ends. The result? Healthy, shiny hair!

Promote Hair Growth

A pure bristle brush is also a very gentle and effective way to stimulate you scalp with gentle massage, which increases blood flow and unclogs follicles, leading to a huge boost in hair growth as well as minimising hair loss.

This scalp stimulation will also help to regulate the natural oil production from your sebaceous glands, meaning a healthier scalp all round and the added bonus of less need for frequent hair washes, over time.

Improve Texture

All that oil distribution really helps to improve the texture of your hair, meaning you’ll probably find you don’t need to bother with so many styling products. If you were looking for a way to justify the cost of a pure bristle brush, this may just be it!

After using a pure bristle brush you will soon notice than your hair is much smoother and less frizzy, however, immediately after brushing you may find that your hair is a little more ‘poofy’ than usual, due to the bristles separating your hair strands properly. Don’t worry, this is easily remedied simply by twisting your hair gently or by applying a pump or two of our 4-in-1 conditioner as a styling crème once your done.

Boost Shine

One thing you can expect for certain from using a pure bristle brush is glorious shine!

Treat yourself to a little ‘me time’ each morning and night: Sit somewhere peaceful and brush your hair gently for a few minutes, so that you’re giving your hair a lovely coating of oil.

Doing this for yourself every day isn’t only excellent for your hair, this will also give you the opportunity to start and finish the day right with some calm, mindful meditation. You’ll be amazed at how relaxed you feel!