Organic Makeup

Why You Should Make The Switch & Our Favourite RMS Beauty Products

Organic makeup is usually one of the last organic product switches that people make, but it shouldn’t be. Ditching your regular makeup and trading up for organic makeup is just as important for your health and safety as eating organic food and using organic hair products, so even if you can’t manage to change your whole makeup bag in one go, start replacing it piece by piece today.

It’s easy to imagine that regular, high street brand makeup wouldn’t be as harmful for your body as eating non-organic food or using beauty products that cover large areas of skin, but unfortunately, chemical based makeup is one of the worst culprits for introducing toxic materials into your system. As you may have already read in our blog on how to ‘Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine’, studies have shown that most mainstream blushers contain approximately 16 toxic chemicals, foundation has 24, eye-shadow has 26 and lipstick has a whopping 33 possibly harmful ingredients – that is incredibly high for products that many people use every day.

organic makeup

A lot of ‘regular makeup’ is also pretty harmful to the planet, due to the excessive use of poorly sourced oils, petrochemicals and not to mention testing on animals. You’ll be hard pressed to find an organic makeup brand that wasn’t eco-friendly too.

One of the best things about making the change to organic makeup, is not only knowing that you’re eliminating large quantities of nasty ingredients but you’ll also be sure to get great quality products that apply like a dream and are way better suited to sensitive skin and eyes. If you’re prone to irritation when using makeup, whether that’s sore, itchy eyes from your eyeshadows and mascara or just having a general feeling of discomfort when wearing foundation and/or powders on your skin, then organic makeup will work wonders for you to help you look and feel great.

One of our favourite organic makeup brands is RMS Beauty who are known for their 100% natural products that are still 100% effective. Here’s a few of our favourite RMS pieces and why we love them:

RMS Beauty Volumizing Mascara

You don’t have to forgo thick, flirtatious lashes when making the switch to organic makeup; this wonderful volumizing mascara creates a luscious, fluttering finish without the harmful ingredients. Rich in mineral pigments, RMS Beauty Volumizing Mascara gives a long lasting, deep colour finish that is tough to rival. The best of both worlds!

organic makeup

RMS Beauty ‘Un’ Cover-up Concealer

organic makeup

As with all RMS Beauty products, their ‘Un’ Cover-Up Concealer is packed with organic, soothing and moisturising ingredients, which really makes the difference when if comes to base makeup. Unlike a lot of unnatural foundations and concealers that leave your skin looking and feeling damaged and de-hydrated, this clever formulation does the opposite. By creating a base using cocoa butter and jojoba oil, this product is not only gentle to use but it actually leaves your skin healthier than before! It provides great coverage too as a concealer and a lighter finish when used as a foundation.

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek

Buying a whole new makeup bag can be pricey, there’s no avoiding that when you want excellent quality, but RMS Beauty have developed this gorgeous Lip2Cheek pot, which can save you some money by acting as both a beautiful lip tint and glowing cream blusher. Ordinarily, using lipstick on your cheeks can result in breakouts, due to the pore clogging ingredients, but not so with Lip2Cheek! Providing a stunning, natural finish, once again with that all important hydration, this organic makeup product is a must-have. You only need to use a very small amount too, so it will last and you will really get your money’s worth.

organic makeup