Being a newbie to using natural, organic haircare can be a little daunting and sometimes even a little disappointing at first, if you’re not quite sure how to do it right, as it is quite different from what you might be used to with ‘regular’ products that foam and strip and coat in synthetic ingredients.

However, there’s no denying that following an organic haircare routine is the best option for both your hair and whole body – we’re not just talking about having beautiful, shiny, manageable, healthy hair here (although, that is to be expected!), we’re talking about your overall health: the chemicals found in non-natural hair products are absorbed by your body and do have a seriously negative impact, from exacerbating allergies to altering your hormones.

Might there be a period of ‘re-training’? Yes, there will be, but we promise that with Tabitha James Kraan products you’ll have gorgeous hair from the get go that only improves and responds more over time. Retraining your hair for a natural routine is well worth it.

organic haircare

Organic Haircare: Retrain Your Hair for a Natural Routine

What should you expect when first starting out using our natural cleanser & conditioner and how will it change over time?

Organic Hair Cleansing

Amber Rose Hair Cleanser and 4 in 1 Conditioner by Tabitha James Kraan

The first thing to change is your idea of what washing your hair ‘should’ be like. Chemical-based products have taught us to expect certain things from our shampooing experience and whilst that might be what you’re used to at the moment, trust us, it’s not what your hair really wants.

For starters, huge amounts of lather is not necessary. This is one thing a lot of people struggle to get used to when switching to organic haircare, and whilst our cleanser does foam a little it’s true that it won’t be anything like what you might be used to with products that contain SLS – but that does not mean that your hair isn’t getting washed properly.

When cleansing your hair (rather than shampooing), you don’t actually need to worry about the lengths and ends; all of your hair will be cleaned and smell fresh and wonderful, but the main focus point should always be the scalp – where the oil is produced.

You want to make sure that you’re reaching all the right bits of your scalp and so this process will be a new one for you: rather than lumping all of the product onto the top of your head (a common thing that is done with regular shampooing), for best results your want to use a couple of pumps on each of the key sections – starting underneath around the nape of the neck where the hair most needs washing, move on around the sides, the crown and maybe just one pump on the fringe area. Massage the cleanser in well to really stimulate the scalp and give it a good coating.

Take a look at our video tutorial at the bottom of our blog ‘Moisture Layering: How to Moisture Layer Your Hair’ to learn about this in detail.

Unlike synthetic shampoos, our cleanser will moisturise and nourish, rather than strip and irritate. You won’t get the foam but you will have a wonderful emulsifying experience instead.

At first, you may find that sticking to your usual routine of washing every day or two works best for you, but you’ll start to notice quite quickly that your hair will require washing less frequently as your scalp starts to balance it’s oil production. The best way forward with this is to listen to what your hair wants and go with it. Our products are gentle enough to use every day and whilst you may want to use them on a daily basis, it’s likely that you’ll soon find you don’t need to.

Organic Hair Conditioning

NOPE AwardWhen you think of conditioning, you probably imagine that this is purely about moisturising your hair and while ours does do just that (and very well too!) it also continues to clean your hair, meaning this is the product you’ll be using to wash those ends. Washing the length with conditioner? Yup, you read that right and that means there will be absolutely no stripping to already dry ends. Retain and add moisture whilst washing – genius! And the way it should be.

If you’re new to our organic haircare and our 4-in-1 conditioner, you may find that you want to use up to 15 pumps to really revive your locks. You can use this as a wash out or leave in conditioner – whatever your hair prefers. Over time, as your hair health improves, you can begin to reduce the amount of conditioner right down to about 5 pumps. Use as a styling crème too for extra frizz control without drying.