Ahead of our Holistic Hairdressing Event at the Isbourne Centre in Cheltenham, where you can find out all about the Tabitha James Kraan journey, spanning two decades of pioneering our organic hair products and holistic hairdressing and why we believe that being nurtured by nature is best for you and your hair, today’s blog is all about getting to know (and love) your beautiful locks.

The way you care for your hair is a unique process for everyone and should be tailored to suit your own wants and needs and to really look after yourself, this should be done as organically as possible, but there is some basic science behind the way hair works that applies to all hair types.

Today, society is full of chemical based products and routines that many of us have been led to believe is the only way to achieve the hair you want, but in actual fact, chemicals are certainly not required!

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Unlike many products out there, our organic hair products are designed to help your hair reach it’s true natural potential, without over-washing, over-treating or weighing down with synthetic conditioning treatment. We work with the hair, not against it, to bring it back to it’s original healthy state.

Why Use Organic Hair Products?

What Is Hair

When working with anything, you need to know what it is that you’re actually dealing with – how else can you expect to get the results you want otherwise? So, what is hair?

When people say that hair is basically just dead cells, that’s pretty much it! Once out of the follicles in your scalp, hair is not living. This is a very important thing to realise when working with it so you know exactly how to use products and what they’re really for. We like to think of caring for the lengths of our hair as being similar to looking after a beautiful leather saddle, handbag or pair of shoes – as it is not alive and not able to produce it’s own oils, to keep it shiny and healthy in the way that we want, it’s the products you use that are going to do this.

When hair first grows and pushes up through the scalp it goes through a process known as Keratinization. This process fills the hair cells with protein (polypeptides) but from that point on, no more protein is produced within that strand of hair. That means that to keep it looking as fresh and new as it did when it first sprouted, we need to replenish that protein and keep it going.

But what does that mean in regards to the hair products you choose to use? Synthetic hair products can fake this by coating each strand with what is essentially plastics, leaving it look sleek and shiny, but your hair won’t really be getting the nourishment it needs. By using organic hair products containing natural proteins, such as the oats, spirulina and nettle found in our products, you really are feeding your hair right into the cells and making it stronger.

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What Are Follicles?

You may have noticed from looking into our organic hair products or reading previous blogs that we’re big on treating the scalp and that’s for a good reason.

Hair grows from hair follicles, which live in your scalp. These follicles not only determine how much hair you’re going to grow, but also the quality of that hair and also the amount of oil that your scalp needs to produce. The bulb inside the hair follicle is actually where the nutrients you feed your hair and scalp are turned into new hair cells, so you can see why it’s so important to pay attention to this part and give it what it needs!

Organic shampoo (or in our case, cleanser) can take some time to get used to, as although you will get a little foam it won’t be what you’re used to with shampoos that contain chemical foaming agents. However, it’s only out of habit that you feel you need this – when cleansing or shampooing your hair, you only need to to focus on the scalp as this is the only area in which oils (or ‘grease’) is produced.

Our organic hair cleanser is actually as much about moisturising as cleaning though and really, we tend to use our 4-in-1 conditioner to wash and fragrance the lengths of our hair (as well as conditioning the scalp). If your follicles and scalp are well nourished with natural proteins from organic hair products that they can really use and regularly massaged and unclogged by scalp massage or brushing with a natural bristle brush, your hair will be much better for it!