If you, like us, are sick of chemical perfumes then our organic hair perfume is going to come as a welcome respite! 100% natural, 99% organic and free from all nasty, toxic chemical and preservatives that you’ll usually find in perfumes, our organic hair perfume is hair, skin and planet friendly, not to mention an absolutely heavenly scent.

Unlike regular perfumes that contain damaging ingredients, you can spritz ours on to your heart’s content knowing that it not only smells amazing but is actually doing your hair and skin real good, rather than being a detriment.

Our subtle but intoxicating scent is made up from a gorgeous blend of essential oils, and a few other botanical ingredients, carefully selected for the positive impact they will have on your mood and wellbeing as well as providing a luxurious pick-me-up for your locks.

Organic Hair Perfume

Here are 3 reasons you’re going to love our organic hair perfume:

Wear Anywhere!

Our organic hair perfume is designed to refresh, moisturise and enhance your tresses, whilst also leaving being a beautiful lingering aromatherapy scent, but one of the great things about our organic hair perfume is that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to use it!

This gloriously natural scent works perfectly on both your hair (as an instant refresh in-between washes, a colour/shine enhancer and a fantastic a styling aid) and skin.

Our perfume is an alcohol-free formulation, so you don’t have to worry about this drying out your hair and skin. Simply spritz the fine mist on, wherever you like, whenever you feel the need, for a refresh and mood boost.

organic hair perfume

Aromatherapy Scented

This perfume doesn’t just make you feel better because it smells pretty, it’s actually much more than that!

Although of course, we designed a scent that we adore and know you will too, we also designed it with wellness in mind.

Working alongside an expert aromatherapist, we have developed a perfume that has a reputation for lifting the spirits, thanks to the beautiful concoction of Lavender, Neroli, Myrrh and Bergamot.

These soothing and cheery scents, combined with our signature amethyst stone for it’s mind-calming properties are guaranteed to leave you feeling elated.

Healthier Hair

As we’ve already mentioned, our organic hair perfume is 100% natural and alcohol-free, meaning that this scent will actually improve your hair condition rather than worsen it, as most other perfumes do. Aside from this though, as with all of our products one of our main goals is to promote healthy, happy hair, naturally and to have that it is important to re-train ourselves into better hair-washing habits.

Many people wash their hair on a daily basis, not because their locks are actually dirty but because they want to smell great and feel fresh every day. In doing this, the scalp is being stripped of it’s much-needed natural oils and not being given the time it needs to reach a healthy equilibrium.

By using our organic hair perfume between washes, you will find that you don’t feel the need to wash your hair each day. Our organic hair perfume cleverly neutralises odours and refreshes your hair with a beautiful scent. The moisturising and enriching properties of the ingredients will also give your locks a fabulous ‘just washed’ glow.

How To Use:

  • Shake well before use, to mix up those lovely ingredients!

  • Hold the perfume at arm’s length and spray onto hair and skin as desired

  • Pesky flyaways or lacklustre locks getting you down? Use our organic hair perfume as a styling aid at the beginning of the day – spray on and allow to absorb

  • Working hard at the gym? Keep our perfume in the fridge and then pop into your gym bag before you head off. When you’re in need of a refresh, spritz all over for a lovely cooling effect.