Save your parched locks this winter, with our scented organic hair oil!

Do you find that dull, dry hair is a recurring problem for you around this time of year? It is for many of us. Whether it’s the indoor heating that does it or the drastic dip into cold temperatures, the winter months do have a habit of causing hair issues that we’re less that happy with. Fortunately, our organic hair oil is all you need to repair, replenish and restore your mane back to shiny, healthy glory!

You can use our organic hair oil in a number of different ways from touch ups and daily protection, to a heavenly perfume, to a deeper treatment. Today we are going to cover how to use this wonder-product as an overnight treatment to enhance colour and shine and to re-balance your scalp for beautiful hair, every day.

Scented Organic Hair Oil - Amber Rose - by Tabitha James Kraan

Organic Hair Oil: Treat Your Locks Overnight

Want hair that is manageable, glossy and full of life? This is the product for you! And guess what? It’s impressive range of ingredients is 100% natural…

When you’re using our organic hair oil, you can rest assured that you’re feeding nothing but goodness into your hair – no nasty chemicals, no synthetic glossing agents; just pure organic ingredients that improve your hair’s quality and texture for good, not only in the short term.

The organic ingredients used in our organic oil are carefully selected for their unique talents and super-effective ability to give you the hair you really want.

Here’s how to use our oil as a luxurious overnight treatment:

  • Apply a single pump into the palm of your hand to warm the product before applying

  • Gently, but firmly, massage the oil directly into your scalp

  • If you would like to treat your hair as well as your scalp, use another single pump of the oil to smooth down the lengths of your hair from root to tip

  • Comb the product through, or use your pure bristle brush, for even coverage and added scalp stimulation

  • Plait your hair or loosely tie into a bun and leave overnight for an intensive treatment. Alternatively, you can also use this for a minimum of 10 minutes for a quick fix!

  • Once you’re ready to remove the oil, wash thoroughly using our gentle organic hair cleanser, to effectively remove the oil without stripping the hair

The result?

Happy, healthy hair and a beautifully balanced scalp that is nourished and full of shine! Our organic hair oil will seal in moisture for a long-lasting effect and prep your hair perfectly for receiving conditioning products to hold that much needed moisture for longer in the future, making the most out of all of your hair products.