You may be familiar with the ‘no poo’ method, where using any hair washing product goes out the window in the mission to attain beautiful, healthy hair and you may have also heard about how regular high street shampoos strip your hair, despite claims of repair and deep moisturisation, but how does it all really work and why is our organic hair cleanser a better option than both?

It’s certainly true that your average, chemical-based shampoo will strip your hair of much needed natural oils, as they are in fact just detergents which are very harsh and not conducive to happy hair and scalp. That impressive lather that we, as consumers, get so used to with toxic shampoos and think is helping to clean more thoroughly is in fact causing nothing but harm to our hair and bodies, not to mention the planet due to those harsh chemicals.  Imagine how much unnecessary shampoo is being washed into our water systems daily!  Yes, these foaming agents and detergents will clean your hair, but our very clever bodies just respond by putting back all of the oil that is stripped away, creating excessively oily scalps thus meaning you need to over shampoo your hair to cope with that oiliness.  More chemicals down the drain.

organic hair cleanser

Toxic Shampoo Vs Organic Hair Cleanser

Surveys have shown that the general population washes their hair with toxic shampoos an average of 4-5 times per week and when you think about how much these detergents are stripping your hair, that’s an awful lot.

However, most people that do this feel that they need to as they end up with tresses that require washing every other day – but how come you end up with excess oil if these products are drying?

As these detergents are removing the oils you want to keep, your scalp goes into over-drive. When your scalp is stripped of the essential components it needs to stay healthy, it very cleverly assumes that you need more oil and so starts producing more and more sebum.  Our hair cleanser cleans the oils without stripping them and re balances the over production of sebum to help your hair stay clean for longer.

organic hair cleanser

Our organic hair cleanser, on the other hand, works quite differently. Although you will find that our cleanser doesn’t foam up quite like regular shampoo, that doesn’t mean that it’s not doing it’s job, it just means that it’s working without unbalancing and stripping as it cleans the oil without removing it.  It is also adding a small amount of oil with each wash as well as aloe vera to moisturise whilst cleansing to support the rebalancing of the scalp.

The main focus when washing your hair should always be your scalp – this is where the oil is produced, so this is the area that will need refreshing the most. The lengths of your hair will be cleaned as your rinse off, and/or by using our 4-in-1 conditioner.

Unlike your average shampoo, our organic hair cleanser will refresh your hair and scalp gently, whilst allowing the sebum you want to keep, that promotes shiny, healthy hair, to stay and adding a few more fancy ones to the mix too.

Our organic hair cleanser will never strip – it will cleanse gently and help to rebalance your scalp for longer lasting freshness over time, and very happy hair.

‘No Poo’ Vs Organic Hair Cleanser

The ‘no poo’ method of forgoing hair washing completely has taken the world by storm over the last couple of years, as people as becoming more and more aware of the damage that the chemicals in our every day cosmetics are causing to ourselves and the planet.

There’s no denying that leaving your hair to rebalance and do it’s own thing is better than stripping and drying with chemicals and it can help to give your scalp time to recover and reset it’s own oil production. However, in society today, this is not a realistic option for many – you will have to go for quite a while with greasy, dirty hair and actually, an excessive build up of dirt and oil can be pretty damaging too, causing breakages and blocked hair follicles, meaning less hair growth.

Using our organic hair cleanser is a fantastic option for the eco-conscious consumer who wants to do what’s right for them and the environment, without having to experience a single bad hair day! Our cleanser is 100% natural and will only ever improve the condition of your hair. Smell great, look fantastic and feel refreshed every day, without the damage.