Organic Dry Shampoo – A Natural Beauty Blogger’s First Impression

There are lots of dry shampoo options available on the market, but none quite like our organic dry shampoo, and we say that with confidence.

We would say that though, wouldn’t we? Of course we love our own natural, organic products but what do other people think of them, honestly, after their first use?

We may be pros at the whole organic beauty thing, what with our whole line taking off globally and growing every day (exciting!), but we’re also still normal people who know that choosing a new product to try can be tough, especially when shopping online. How do we really know that something is as great as the brand claims it is?

natural dry shampoo
Tabitha demonstrates the organic dry shampoo

Reviews are one of our favourite things, we love them because they give us all, as prospective customers, an unbiased and honest view on what a product is really like. However we think the absolutely best way to know if something is as great as the sales pitch, is to see someone’s first impression as they use a product.

It really matters to us, here at Tabitha James Kraan Organics, that the products we sell to you really are amazing. We’re a family-run company and we pride ourselves on an organic haircare range that really delivers – no hyping it up, no sugar-coating, just amazing results that you can see for yourself.

Because of this, we wanted to show you a real life first impression of our dry shampoo from someone in the know. We invited natural beauty blogger Ruby Ellis Deevoy into our salon to try out our organic dry shampoo and film it for you all the see the instant results and reaction.

Ruby is also one for wanting to share an honest opinion. She came to us with unwashed hair on day 3 of her hair washing week, so it was looking oily at the roots and dry on the ends which is a very common sight and what a lot of people at home will be dealing with when our organic dry shampoo is needed the most! No hiding behind freshly prepped hair and an airbrushed photoshoot – real-life is what we wanted to give you.

Getting the application right is of course important for the best results, but our organic dry shampoo is so easy to use, you won’t have a problem. Here’s how you should do it at home:

For a Full Refresh

If you, like Ruby, are wanting to use our organic dry shampoo as a full refresh instead of washing your hair mid-week you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you give our product a go.

“It’s lovely and cooling!” Ruby exclaims, and she’s right! Our dry shampoo doesn’t just absorb oils and create beautiful volume, it also leaves you feeling really clean – we spent a long time developing this aspect as we know just looking great doesn’t cut it, you want to feel great too.

  • Dust On

    Dust the dry shampoo onto your roots, generously, focusing particularly underneath the hair around the nape of the neck, the sides and evenly across the fringe and crown.

  • Ruffle Through

    Ruffle the dry shampoo through your hair, or gently brush it through with a natural bristle brush if you feel the need. The aim is to get a nice, even spread.

  • Remove Excess

    Blast with your hairdryer on the cold-shot setting to remove any excess product sitting on top.

  • Moisturise

    Finish your style by applying a pump or two of our 4-in-1 conditioner to the dry ends of your hair and anywhere else you feel it is needed.

For a Touch Up/Volume Boost

Our dry shampoo isn’t just remarkably effective for drastic measures, it also works incredibly well for daily touch-ups or for some serious day to night glamour when you’re leaving the office for a night out (our compact dry shampoo is ideal for this. Direct spray application – no fuss, no mess!)

  • Target & Boost

    Again, focusing on the roots of your hair, dust on your dry shampoo. You won’t need as much this time and if you’re using our compact version you can really target the areas you feel need a bit of a boost.

  • Flip & Tousle

    Flip your head upside down and tousle your fingers through to give your locks a new lease of life!

  • Style

    Flip back up the right way and style as designed, or leave as is – you’ll be good to go.