Everyone is searching for that one treatment that will solve all their beauty woes, leave them looking and feeling refreshed, and not cost the world. The answer is so simple you won’t believe it.

Beauty Sleep! Sleep is the most powerful natural beauty treatment known to man and it doesn’t cost a thing!


A lack of sleep can have really adverse effects on our bodies, from puffy eyes and sagging skin, to “bed-head” hair; what a nightmare! When we’re asleep our bodies are able to regenerate and repair the day’s damage. Studies have shown that the skin and hair actually age faster when they are not able to repair during the latter stages of the sleep cycle. Getting a good 7 to 8 hours isn’t just important for our external features, but also the inner most workings of our bodies. Cell regeneration is at it’s most active when we are resting.

How it affects our hair?

When the body is happy and healthy, so is our hair. Studies have shown that if we become sleep deprived the body tends to slow down the “unnecessary” functions, such as hair growth and scalp cell rejuvenation leaving you with lifeless, uncontrollable locks.

The immune system in those that suffer long term sleep deprivation functions at a severely depleted rate. Some cases have been documented where this depleted immune system has led to hair loss conditions.

Not getting enough sleep?

Here are a couple of ideas to help you drift off:

  1. Have a relaxing bath before bedtime. Jane Scrivener’s Comforting Peace Bath and Body Oil can be drizzled into your bath to calm and soothe those nerves leaving you ready to dream softly.
  2. Try and set a “bedtime routine” training your body to sleep and wake at the same time every day.
  3. Surround yourself with the beautiful, relaxing scents of the TJK Scented Hair Oil. Apply two pumps to hair about an hour before going to bed to deeply moisturise your tresses and drift away on these heavenly tones.