Natural Wrinkle Remedies:

Reduce Wrinkles with Facial Massage

Natural wrinkle remedies might seem like something that is too good to be true, but as luck would have it, not all wrinkle remedies come from a plastic surgeon or suspicious sounding chemicals. Facial massage is a safe, 100% natural and effective solution, which can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles remarkably well, purely by stimulating circulation in areas that are looking a little creased or sagging – all you need is a bit of ‘me time’, massage oil of your choice (coconut oil and olive oil and rosehip oil are all great for the skin, so we recommend you try using one of those) and the simple instructions we are going to give you in this blog.

Natural wrinkle remedies, such as facial massage, are not only great for reviving tired skin but can be really relaxing and a lovely way to start the day too. To get the best results out of your facial massage, perform these steps regularly and in the morning when you first get up, perhaps as part of your daily cleansing routine or in the shower. By including facial massage in your morning ritual, you will notice pretty immediate results; blood circulation is reduced while you sleep, so giving yourself a facial massage first thing will help to kick start the blood flow, reduce puffiness, tighten facial muscles for the day ahead and instantly release tension, as with any massage, which will leave you looking radiant.

facial massage

Want to treat yourself to a daily facial massage? Here’s how:

  • Start by washing your hands, thoroughly. Nothing causes a breakout better than bacteria on fingers, so it’s best to nip that in the bud! Cleanse and tone your face as usual and dry.

  • Set aside about 10-15 minutes for your daily facial massage. Use a small amount of your chosen oil (up to 10 drops, depending on your skin type) and begin your facial massage, making sure to always work your fingertips in an upward motion to help lift, tone and also drain your lymphatic system.

  • Focus on the areas where you want to see the most change. If you’re combatting forehead wrinkles, use the facial massage to lift from the eyebrows using a firm but gentle upwards sweep. Run your hands over one another to make this a fast, repetitive motion which will help both lift drooping eyelids and smooth creased foreheads. You should be able to see things happening pretty quickly with this particular method, so go at it for a couple of minutes, stop and take a look in the mirror – if you do one side but not the other you will notice quite a contrast! This won’t stick, but if you continue with regular, daily facial massage, over time your skin will tighten and your muscles will re-train and tone.

  • Keep that jawline nice and taut by using facial massage! Again, with a firm but gentle pressure and enough oil so that you don’t experience too much pull or friction, start at your chin and sweep your fingers up along your jawline to your ears. Work with both hands for rapid motion to really boost circulation. Want to rid yourself of a double chin? Do the same but under your jaw and chin.

  • Work your facial massage in a circular motion across your cheeks, up into your temples and apply light pressure there for 2-3 minutes. To reduce puffiness around your eyes, try a gentle tapping motion where the puffiness and/or dark circles are occurring to help disperse and release any water retention.

  • To release pressure in your forehead and sinuses and avoid developing any new wrinkles, press firmly with your strongest fingers in the centre of your forehead and either side of your nose, easing your fingers slowly under your eyes and across your nose.