Our Top 4 Natural Sunscreens

It’s only just May and the first glimpse Summer has already been seen. If all the heat-wave reports are right, then we are in for a scorcher! But sun or no sun, it is always important to remember to keep your delicate skin protected from damaging rays, by either keeping covered up or using some sort of SPF sunscreen.

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The jury is still out as to whether or not sunscreen itself is harmful to use due to a number of nasty chemicals often found in the ingredients of high street brands, but sun damage is a definite no-no. Fortunately, there are now a number of high quality, products available which use some really lovely natural ingredients that can help keep your skin safe from burning as well as helping to avoid sun-induced wrinkles; but just as with any other products that you might use on your hair and skin, it is important to find the right one to suit your needs.
Those of you with very pale skin and young children to think about may be familiar with slathering on the old SPF factor 50 when you hit the beach, but did you know that clinical tests have shown that factor 50 actually only blocks out 1% more of UVB rays than factor 30 and the main difference is actually that most people who use factor 50 apply it less often that lower SPF? This is a sure fire way to burn that skin you’re trying so hard to look after, as the most important thing with sunscreen is to re-apply regularly and allowing a little bit of sun on your skin (as opposed to blocking it out completely) can actually be beneficial. Vitamin D deficiency is at an all time high here in the UK, so don’t shy away from getting outside, just be sensible about it.

Here are some of our favourite, natural sunscreen alternatives that you might want to try this year as opposed to your usual brand, keeping you sun damage free as well as toxin free (don’t say we aren’t good to you!):


natural sunscreen
John Masters Natural Mineral Sunscreen
Our number one choice for natural sunscreen is this little beauty by one of our favourite all natural suppliers – John Masters. Rich in moisturizing goodness in the form of shea butter, jojoba oil and aloe vera, this SPF factor 30 is a delight to wear. Not only does it provide great protection from those harmful rays by using natural but effective non-toxic substitutes, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, but it also leaves your skin soft, supple and looking gorgeous!

Availble from the Salon and our online shop.


natural sunscreen
Badger All-Natural Sunscreen
Badger has been a long-standing purveyor of all things deliciously scented with organic essential oils and their range of natural sunscreen is no exception.
Free from all chemical active sunscreening agents, instead using a natural mineral (Zinc Oxide), this broad spectrum formula is safe to use on the whole family! It’s also water resistant, made using a nourishing base of natural oils, lightly scented with organic lavender AND it even contained in recyclable plastic – what’s not to love?


natural sunscreen
Green People Scent Free Sunscreen
The multi-award winning product is the perfect choice for anyone with sensitive or dry skin condition as it is absolutely packed with some of our favourite skin-soothing ingredients: Avocado, Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Green Tea.
Light and non-pore clogging for easy wear all day long (but don’t forget to re-apply every 30 minutes or so!), as well as providing deep moisturisation for a longer lasting tan. Not only is it good for us, but it’s good for the environment too! 30p of each bottled purchased is donated to the Marine Conservation Society to help protect UK seas, shores and wildlife.


Organii Baby Solar Fluid Cream
100% natural and designed specifically with your precious babies in mind, this is a must have summer product for all mum’s! One of the very few natural sunscreen products that uses the much over-looked Karanga oil which not only protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, but also acts as an effective insect repellent to keep those mozzies at bay. If you’ve got a holiday planned with a young one this year, don’t forget to stock up on this!