Natural Summer Fragrance

which essential oils make the best perfume for summer months?


The clocks have gone back, the evenings are lighter and we’ve started to switch out our wardrobes…dare I say it? Summer is very nearly here!

As the seasons change throughout the year, our minds and bodies flit through phases of wanting new hair colours, makeup , clothes and even food to suit the changing weather patterns. Today however, we are going to be looking at one thing in particular that can change you mood in an instant – we’re talking about natural summer fragrance.
I don’t know about you, but throughout the winter months we just can’t get enough of those warm, Christmassy scents such as cinnamon, clove and vanilla, but as the sun starts coming out to play again, those heavy, woody fragrances just don’t quite fit anymore. Suddenly we want out hair and skin to start smelling fresh and light to reflect the crisp, spring air; we want delicate floral, natural fragrances to compliment our natural environment!

There are many products on the market that sell themselves on pretty packaging and delicious names, but you may find that most contain synthetic perfume, rather than the real deal. If you’re getting used to using natural products, the likelihood is that whilst you might want to like these man-made fragrances you will probably find that they just don’t do it for you anymore and the overwhelming use of chemicals may even leave you with a light, constant headache which is far from ideal. However, finding a naturally scented product to give you a flirty fix that lingers on your hair and skin after use can be a little tricky. That’s why we have put together our favourite natural fragrances for summer and some of the best products we’ve come across that include them…

Rose – if you’re after a fragrance that’s utterly romantic and timeless, then rose is just right for you. Rose essential oil is effortlessly reminiscent of English summertime and is the perfect choice for uplifting your spirit, as it is well known for it’s anti-depressant properties. Not only that, but it’s also been said that Rose fragrance can boost your self-confidence as well as instilling positive thoughts of happiness and hope!


Bergamot – Bergamot is a wonderful, zesty natural fragrance, extracted from the citrus tree Bergamia. We LOVE this one here at TJK and we’ve even used it as the leading scent in our eco-luxe hair perfume. With it’s unique blend of sweet, fruity notes mixed with a spicy undertone, this fragrance is an ideal unisex base. An amazing mood-booster and stress buster!


Lemon – The fragrance of this household fruit is well known to most, so you won’t be surprised to hear that this scent is light, fresh and tangy yet sweet – a perfect addition to a sunny day! Lorded for it’s ability to promote feelings of happiness and warmth, you can’t really go wrong with this.


Vanilla – Rich and sweet, vanilla can sometimes be a little strong on it’s own, but when mixed with sharper citrus or floral scent it’s got a quality that just cannot be matched! An unparalleled aphrodisiac and super sexy, this is the ideal choice for a flirty edge.


Neroli – Another fragrance with citrus tones (also know as Orange Blossom), Neroli is one of the most popular essential oils available, only rivalled by lavender. Sweet and floral with a lingering, woody undercurrent, this fragrance is named after an Italian princess who used it to scent her bathwater and gloves – that’s all you need to know really. Who wouldn’t want to smell like an Italian princess?!


Caution: Please remember that using undiluted essential oils on the skin can be harmful. If you want to use essential oils as perfume for skin or hair, always dilute it to 1-2%. As a general rule, use 12 drops of essential oil to 30ml of carrier oil, water or lotion.

Some of our favourite products…

  • John Masters Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Milk

    If you’re after something with an orange & vanilla scent, you just HAVE to try this. The smell is unbelievably gorgeous: like sweeties in the best possible way, without being sickly. Not only that but this fragrance really does transfer to the skin and stays put – not like many cheaper alternatives where the bottle smells great but the product on your body dissipates within minutes. This is the real deal!

  • Tabitha James Kraan Hair Oil

    Sorry to toot our own horn, but this stuff really is amazing! Not only will in make your hair shiny, silky and manageable like never before but the subtle scent of neroli, rose & lemon is divine. Wear on your hair for lusciously scented locks or dab a couple of drops onto your neck as a perfume.

  • Tabitha James Kraan Hair Perfume

    If you’re tempted by the fresh and zesty scent of Bergamot then our hair perfume is perfect for you! The ideal fragrance for spring/summer with a mix of citrus and deeper, woody tones. Un-missable and un-beatable!

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