Natural Scents

The Ultimate Guide to Toxins in Fragrance

Making natural perfume

We all love to smell great and it’s definitely high up on our list of priorities when it comes to finding hair and beauty products that we love, but at what cost?

Synthetic fragrance is widely used, not just in hair and skin products but in household cleaners, makeup and even sanitary feminine care! This is a scary thought when you know the damage that the toxic chemicals used in perfumes can do to your body, which is why our hair products are only ever scented with 100% natural scents made from aromatherapy oils.

Unlike many other brands out there, here at Tabitha James Kraan Organics we always disclose our entire ingredients lists on our product bottles (because we’re really quite proud of them, actually!).

Unfortunately, this is often not so with synthetic products, which often hide behind the word ‘perfume’ or fragrance’ rather than listing what could potentially be up to 200 different chemicals from the fragrance industries stock of over 3,100 chemical ingredients!

Steering clear of chemical-based fragrance is a must if you’re hoping to clean up your beauty routine, but that doesn’t mean that you have to forgo smelling gorgeous. It is true that many natural, organic products out there lack the lingering perfume that synthetic products provide, but we have worked long and hard on our natural scents so that when you use our products you will smell fantastic all day long, without the toxic downsides.

Toxic Chemicals Found in Fragrance

The amount of chemicals used to make up a synthetic fragrance is very different to natural scents.
Whilst natural perfume is usually made up of just a handful of recognisable ingredients that are safe to use, unnatural perfume is quite the opposite.
In 2010, the Environmental Working Group and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics performed a study on 17, commonly used high-street perfumes with shocking results:

The average perfume listed 29 chemical ingredients on the label, however upon analysing, test results showed an average of an extra 14 undisclosed chemicals used, including sensitizing chemicals (know for triggering allergic reactions), hormone disruptors and even 12 chemicals not assessed for safety by government or industry.

Pregnant women using perfume containing phthalates and/or endocrine disruptors (or any other products for that matter) were found to have babies with more than a 6 point drop in IQ.

Over 24 sensitizing chemicals were discovered, which trigger reactions such as asthma, headaches, violent coughs, vomiting and skin irritation.

Various ingredients found in the perfumes are what is known as ‘obesogens’, which cause you to gain weight regardless of your diet and exercise regime.

We Love Natural Scents!

You won’t find any of those nasty chemicals in our organic products, now or ever! We are firm believers in only producing the very best quality and safest haircare that is suitable for all the family.

Our Amber Rose Cleanser and 4-in-1 conditioner has a wonderful aroma created using essential oils of Rose, Patchouli, Neroli, Chamomile and Ylang Ylang. Our Golden Citrus products are scented with a heady concoction of Neroli, Tea Tree, Tangerine, Lavender, Myrrh and Bergamot.

Organic 4-in-1 Conditioner Amber Rose by Tabitha James Kraan
Scented Organic Hair Oil - Amber Rose - by Tabitha James Kraan

If you’re looking for something organic to replace your synthetic perfume, look no further than the natural scents in our scented hair oil. This amazing little glass bottle contains an oil that is not only a ‘youth dew’ for your hair but also smells divine when worn on the skin, thanks to the unique infusion of Rose, Neroil and Lemon organic essential oils.