Thinking about altering your beauty routine for a natural pregnancy?

If there was ever a time to switch your products to using safe, natural alternatives, during pregnancy is it.

My midwife changed everything for me when I was pregnant with my first child, by highlighting that my skin would absorb everything I put on it, going into my blood stream and into my unborn baby.  This was the point in my life that changed everything about how I ran my salon and leading to the products I now create.

Every pregnant women knows that the health and wellbeing of her baby is paramount and there’s no denying that a bit of pampering wouldn’t go amiss! Unfortunately though, not everyone is aware of how important it really is to use only natural, organic products.

If you are pregnant, you may already be considering natural options for your baby’s changing and bath time once they’ve arrive (and if you’re not, you definitely should be!), but treating yourself with care and using organic products for a natural pregnancy is just as important.

natural pregnancy

Natural Pregnancy Pampering: Safe Beauty for You & Your Baby

With the average woman using 12 personal care products a day containing 168 different chemicals, changing up the cosmetics you use whilst pregnant is one of the easiest ways to cut out a huge number of harmful toxins from your daily life. Doing this will not only mean improved health and wellbeing for you and your bubba, but natural products actually work considerably better too!

natural pregnancy

Little Butterfly Organic Skincare

We only ever stock the very best natural beauty products in our salon, to go alongside our organic haircare, and Little Butterfly is one mother and baby brand that we really rate.

Their products are packed full of wonderful ingredients that are safe for both pregnant mothers and babies, once they arrive into the world. If you’re after a natural pregnancy that doesn’t fall short on luxury, this is the skincare for you.

You’re in good hands with this gorgeous range, from keeping stretch marks at bay with their mother & baby massage oil, Dewdrops at Dawn body lotion and Cocoon of Bliss body butter to caring for your baby with their natural nappy change cream and bath products.

Certified organic and formulated here in the UK with pure, botanical blends that make you feel, smell and look great, these products (endorsed by medical experts and midwives) are exactly what you need to keep your skin happy!

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Natural Makeup

Toxic makeup should be a big no-no for mums to be, given that chemical based makeup is one of the biggest culprits for containing a whopping amount of nasty ingredients.

That doesn’t mean that you have to forgo makeup, all you need to do is switch your usual brands to organic alternatives – your skin will thank you for it too!

We adore RMS Beauty for natural makeup, as their products are not only created with the most wonderful ingredients that actually improve the condition of your skin, but they work beautifully too.

It’s no secret that mums to be have a hard time sleeping, even before the bubba arrives, so treat yourself to some of their ‘un’ cover up concealer to flawlessly hide away any dark circles.

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Organic Hair Treatments

With all those whacky hormones flying around it’s not uncommon for pregnant women to find that their once glossy mane can become a bit of a dry, greasy, frizzy problem area. Don’t worry, this is only temporary, but don’t reach for synthetic products to try and fix it!

If you’re finding moisture levels hard to manage with your new hair, our Tabitha James Kraan organic scented hair oil is just the treatment you need.

100% natural and organic, our hair oil will restore balance without a trace of a harmful chemical. You can double up with this one too and use it at a glorious, botanical perfume so that you can smell fantastic without upsetting your new hyper sense of smell.

Scented Organic Hair Oil - Amber Rose - by Tabitha James Kraan