Natural Pregnancy Beauty Tips

Get That Kate Middleton Post Partum Glow!

Huge congratulations are in order to the lovely Kate Middleton and Prince William on the birth of their beautiful daughter, Princess Charlotte! And I think an extra congratulations is due to Kate for somehow managing to look absolutely flawless as she stepped out of St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, sans pregnancy bump.

Sorry baby Charlotte, I think mum may have stolen your thunder just a little bit because the British public were and are understandably in awe of Kate’s perfect blow-out and fabulous skin just hours after having given birth. Admittedly, Kate does have a leg up on the vast majority of us, with a team of professional stylists on call for the event, but it is true that there are a few pointers for all you new mums and mums-to-be out there to help your tired (nay, exhausted!) hair and skin bounce back with a vengeance.

To be perfectly honest, being made up to be totally pristine so soon after bringing a little life into the world is not the number 1 thing on most pregnant ladies minds, but with a few handy tips you can make the most of that post-partum glow and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.


Stretch marks

Rosehip oil, when used sparingly on the skin and hair is nothing short of amazing! Not only is it unbeatable for creating a gorgeous, dewy glow (by using just 2-3 drops nightly on your face, you will notice a change within a week), but also one of the best things to use to prevent and reduce stretch marks. Use liberally over bum, tum and thighs during pregnancy and after – you won’t regret it!

Tired, puffy eyes

A good night’s sleep is a rarity throughout pregnancy, and once your baby has been born…well…it just becomes non-existent. Soothe those puffy and eyes and reduce dark circles naturally by alternating between Rose Water soaked cotton pads and, believe it or not, raw potato slices! Rose Water is incredible soothing for tired eyes and Potato has a lightening effect as well as being jam packed with vitamin C. For both remedies, sit back, relax and leave on the eye area for 10-15 minutes.

Coconut oil

This lovely stuff is an absolute ‘must buy’ for those keen to keep their products natural during pregnancy. This is a fabulous moisturizer for both the hair and skin, and as an added bonus it is also excellent for easing the pain of sore, cracked nipples when breastfeeding , without any risk of harming your baby with chemicals from many store-bought creams.

Easy hairstyles for new mums

Styling your hair might be the very last thing on your mind during and after pregnancy, but remember that your well-being is just as important as the new arrival’s and low-self esteem can become a real issue for some women when they find that they just don’t have the time and/or inclination to look after themselves the way they used to. Remember that sometimes you need to do something to make you feel like ‘you’ again, and learning a few quick, easy and manageable ‘dos can make all the difference. Here’s one for you to try:

Brush hair to remove any bumps, pull back and secure into a mid-height ponytail. Braid the pony and tie at the end. Find the centre point at the top of your plait and part above the first elastic with your fingers. Take the end of the braid, tuck over and pull through the gap you have just made. Repeat this action until the full length of the braid is looped through and you are left with a beautiful, braided chignon style!