Who doesn’t love amazing hair volume? We certainly do, but we’re not so keen having it at the cost of our health and well-being, as it so often is with your average high-street volumiser. We also want our gorgeous thick hair to last, not flatten at the end of the day leaving us with rather sad looking locks.

Hair plumping products are incredibly popular on the hair-styling market, and we’re thrilled to say that our all natural, organic line could take on those chemical phonies any day of the week!

Tabitha James Kraan High Performance Hair Organics

Our Hair Plumping Products

4-in-1 Conditioner

Unlike your usual mousses, rinses and sprays that give you the illusion of big hair without actually filling it out in the long run, our 4-in-1 conditioner does in fact plump each individual strand of hair up with nothing but good ingredients, meaning that you don’t just get the root lift, you really do get genuinely thicker hair, that lasts.

To get the most volume out of the first of our hair plumping products, use our organic 4-in-1 conditioner on towel dried hair. Avoid applying the product on very wet hair, as the structure of your hair works a little bit like a sponge – if it’s full of water, there won’t be much room left in the strands to plump up with product!

Start with a minimum of 3 pumps applied from root to tip and style (more for thicker or longer hair). Want even bigger hair? Try layering! The more layers of this king of hair plumping products, the more voluminous your hair will be.

Dry Shampoo

So you’ve got the luscious, thick strands down, but do you fancy a bit more root lift? Our award-winning dry shampoo is one of those hair plumping products that you won’t believe until you try it – the lift and glamour you can get from using this is out of this world!

Dust a generous amount of dry shampoo on at the roots and massage in lightly. Brush through to get a nice, even spread of the product (don’t worry, our organic dry shampoo is actually good for your hair, so you can do this in good conscience) and then give it a quick blast on cold-shot with your hair drier for high impact volume.

Want more direct application for specific areas? Try our compact dry shampoo. Fancy changing up your look? Why not use our dry shampoo for dark hair on light locks for a gorgeous, pearlescent shimmer!

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