Natural Hair Care Ingredients and Why We Use Them

Nature’s Best Kept Beauty Secrets

Natural hair care ingredients used by Tabitha James Kraan High Performance Hair Organics

Much to my and many other organic and natural hair care aficionado’s deep joy, ‘alternative’ products (as opposed to chemical nasties) have finally hit the high-street, big time, and the knowledge that nature’s knock-offs are never as effective has become a mainstream concept.

But did you know that many, supposedly natural alternatives you might come across are not quite as innocent as brand packaging might have you believe?

Here at Tabitha James Kraan, we take great pride and satisfaction out of the knowledge that our all natural hair care products are not only created from the finest 86 – 100% certified organic, natural ingredients, but that those carefully selected elements are also famed for their ability to heal tired tresses and leave you with bouncy, manageable and super shiny hair.

We like our customers to know exactly what they’re using and why it’s so great, so the TJK experts have put together a list of some of our top ingredients that we think are nature’s best kept beauty secrets, and why they work.

Sea Buckthorn – A new favourite among the natural hair care & beauty obsessed, but an old school classic. First noted during the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907AD) for it’s incredible, internal health benefits, this little berry just keeps getting better. With it’s high volume of Omega 3,6,7 & 9 and multitude of vitamin components (A,C,D,B,E & K), it’s no great surprise that a tiny amount of this oil promotes all round hair health and a vibrant, healthy shine. If that wasn’t enough for you, Sea Buckthorn also promotes hair growth by saturating your scalp with essential proteins and stimulating the hair follicles.

seabuckthorn natural hair care

Safflower – Used as natural hair care for centuries to prevent hair loss, Safflower oil is clinically proven to fight free radicals and deposit essential fatty acids for thick, healthy, happy and well-moisturized hair. Just 2 -3 drops of this miracle oil once a week helps keep hair follicles nourished and scalps hydrated.

safflower natural hair care

Rosehip – Rosehip is a personal favourite of mine and an absolute ‘must have’ in my skin beauty regime as it fights acne & acne scars, is anti-aging and helps promotes a healthy glow like nothing else – but what does it do for your hair? As a lightweight, dry oil, Rosehip is exceptionally easy to use on a regular basis without having to worry about greasy, limp locks. Quite the opposite, actually! Rosehip as a natural hair care treatment creates instant shine for even the most lack-lustre locks, it boosts density and volume and even helps combat dandruff and other skin conditions.

rosehip natural hair care

Nettle – Yes, I do mean the common garden stinging nettle, but no, it won’t hurt you! Nettle is an incredibly powerful plant, jam packed full of nutrients such as vitamin C & A, Iron and Potassium. Not only that, but did you know that this overlooked little hero contains around 40% protein, which is great for hair, sure, but you could actually survive in the wild EATING this stuff! Nettle is a winner for natural hair care due to it’s amazing hair loss prevention (by inhibiting Testosterone from being turned into DHT) and also it’s scalp protecting benefits. Healthy scalp = healthy hair.

nettle natural hair care

White Tea – Mega rich in antioxidants, white tea is an ancient beauty remedy used both topically and internally for amazing health benefits. Using this lovely stuff as part of your natural hair care routine strengthens hair from the get go (preventing unwanted split ends), whilst protecting against sun damage and boosting shine. The compounds found in white tea can also balance the PH levels of the scalp and normalize oil production, which is imperative for both oily and dry hair. It is also anti-inflammatory AND antiseptic, meaning no more dandruff or psoriasis and a good clear-out of impurities on the scalp.

white tea natural hair care

Argan oil – Ah, Argan oil – the fashionista of the natural hair care world! Also known as Moroccan oil, this well known, powerful treatment is incredibly high in vitamin E, which does absolute wonders for hair by strengthening strands, encouraging killer shine and even reverses damage caused by hair dyes and chemical treatments. As a non-irritating substance, Argan oil is soothing for scalp conditions and angry, mistreated hair and as it absorbs very easily, it can be used on a regular basis without leaving a greasy residue. Just a few drops once or twice a week will make your hair enviably gorgeous and easy to manage!

argan oil natural hair care

Coconut oil – Coconut oil is one of the best beauty products you will ever own – great for skin, hair, wounds and ailments, this miracle cure-all is a joy to use, inside and out and as such it is a recurring ingredient in Tabitha James Kraan products. Unmatched at promoting soft, silky, healthy hair, it is ideal for those who need a little extra moisture in their natural hair care routine. Cooling when used in summer as well as soothing and toning and it even helps prevent greying hair. Not only that, but it’s also delicious – Yum!

coconut oil natural hair care

Mallow – Another tasty treat! Related to the Marsh Mallow plant (believe it or not!), when added to a luxurious, natural hair care product, such as the TJK Organic Hair Perfume, the infusion helps to soften hair and vastly improve elasticity – so, a must for fragile, breakable hair. The blue pigment of the flower itself and the high levels of vitamin B also help to slow down the process of greying hair. A win-win all round!

mallow natural hair care

What are your favourite, natural hair care ingredients? Have you been enjoying them in Tabitha James Kraan Products? Share with your friends and help them harness the power of nature in their hair care routine too!