We’re pretty proud of our organic, all natural conditioner with it’s 4-in-1 uses and now, with a plethora of natural beauty awards and nominations under it’s belt, it’s clear that the love for this product doesn’t stop in our salon!

We like to call it our ‘miracle conditioner’, because it really is fantastic in many ways. Designed to be layered, making it rich enough for use as a deeply moisturising natural conditioner in the bath or shower, but also light enough to use as a leave in, treatment or styling product – this wonder stuff is a one size fits all, for all hair types and requirements.

Packed full of organic ingredients that are a delight for not only your hair, but your body and senses too, our natural conditioner is a joy to use for all ages and sensitivities.

Use Our Natural Conditioner to Create Your Perfect Style

In the Bath/Shower

Our 4-in-1 natural conditioner is dreamy to use as a traditional conditioner in the bath or shower, along with our organic hair cleanser, and will promote well hydrated, shiny, healthy hair with plenty of bounce and manageability.

When using in this way, cleanse and rinse your hair as usual and then for best results squeeze out the excess water and even towel dry if you can. Our natural conditioner works beautifully on wet hair, but to get the most out of any conditioner it’s always best to not apply to saturated hair as the water will be filling up the strands already, meaning that the product won’t have the space to penetrate as deeply.

When you’re ready, apply 5 – 15 pumps (depending on how much moisture your hair requires. You’ll find that the longer you use our products, the less you’ll need to use of them!), comb through and leave on to work it’s magic for at least 2 but up to 10 minutes. Rinse out.

Organic 4-in-1 Conditioner Golden Citrus by Tabitha James Kraan

As a Leave-In

Using our natural conditioner as a leave-in is the perfect solution for anyone who needs some extra protection and strengthening for their hair. Because the ingredients we use are so good for your locks, keeping the conditioner on only allows the benefits to keep on going. Unlike chemical based products that will actually dry out your hair when left on, ours will continue to nourish and moisturise.

This is great news for anyone who needs some extra soothing and smoothing action or if you’re an avid heat-styler. Oh, and tangles? Forget about them, using this as a leave-in provides the ultimate de-tangling.

All you’ll need is a single pump worked into the lengths and ends of dry or wet hair.

For Styling

Think you can’t live without your toxic hair-styling products? Think again! Our natural conditioner has got it covered. It de-frizzes, tames and makes styling a pleasure but not at the cost of the health of your hair.

This is a high performance styling tool, not just a run of the mill smoothing cream. The ingredients we have used are highly absorbable by hair and as such, layering the product on actually produces fabulous volume by thickening each strand, as well as lifting at the roots!

All hair types will benefit from styling with this product – make fine hair thicker, frizzy hair smoother, curly hair enhanced…you name it, this does it.

Apply a minimum of 3 pumps to wet hair before styling. If you want bigger hair, layer it up!

natural conditionerTreatment

The skin that covers our face and body isn’t the only place that needs moisturising and looking after, our scalp is just the same, if not more in need of extra care due to our constant scrubbing, brushing and it’s direct contact with UV rays.

Our hair cleanser and conditioner will moisturise your scalp when used traditionally, but if you suffer from a dry, flaky scalp and want a bit of extra attention, apply our 4-in-1 conditioner topically as a treatment to soothe and heal.

The organic ingredients used in this product include the likes of coconut oil, which is a potent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, meaning this gorgeous conditioner really will help to combat a vast number of scalp issues.