It’s very easy to rush through life without ever being truly present to each passing moment. Mindfulness is a simple thing that is very easy to neglect in our busy, every day lives but by simply taking the time to breathe for a moment and become aware of yourself and your surroundings you may find that your health and wellbeing can improve exponentially!

As we get into 2017, putting in place some good life habits that prioritize being kind to yourself, not just now but all the year through, should be at the top of your ‘to do’ list. We’ve taken care of the beauty side of things, allowing you to nourish your hair with beautiful, 100% natural products, but the mindfulness side of things is down to you.

5 daily mindfulness rituals that could change your life


Eat Well

Watching what we put into our body isn’t just about using chemical-free cosmetics, it’s also really important to eat well.

Getting all the nutrients you need is absolutely key for you to feel your best, but when we’re talking about eating well, we don’t just mean ‘be healthy’ – everything in moderation.

Being kind to yourself is essential when it comes to mindfulness, so eat clean and eat well but also feel OK about treating yourself once in a while.

Busy schedules can do a real number on the priority to eat right in the morning, but allowing yourself the time to have a full, nutritious breakfast is a must. Our first daily ritual to get into the habit of is to make sure that you eat a full meal each morning.

Ditch the cereal and go for something hearty, especially during these cold, winter months – a nutrient-loaded breakfast is always the best way to start your day.

Get Creative

Mindfulness is also about being balanced. Nourish both sides of your brain each day, by allowing yourself the time to do something creative.

This doesn’t have to be a great work of art (although if inspiration takes hold…you never know!), it could be something as simple as writing in a journal, splashing about with some water colours or even baking if you fancy it!

Let the artistic side of your mind take over for a bit and give your logical side time to unwind.


Be Thankful

Sometimes, when you’re feeling a bit down, finding things to be thankful for can seem like an impossible task and negative thoughts are much easier to come by! Even if you’re having a day when you feel like this, allow the act of mindfulness to step in and help you out.

No matter what situation you’re in, there is always something to be thankful for – whether that’s having a roof over your head, a family that loves you, a job you enjoy or a brand new Ferrari! Make a point of practicing conscious gratitude on a daily basis and just wait and see how happy your life becomes.

Me Time

Having some time alone to just sit peacefully and reflect is a wonderful act of mindfulness. Life can be hectic, there’s no denying that, and finding 5 minutes peace can be a challenge – but it’s time to accept that challenge and make it happen!

Whether it’s first thing in the morning as you lay in bed or last thing at night in a deep, warm bath, zone out from all the pressures of the day and just tune in to yourself. Breathe deeply, pay attention to your thoughts and let them go, relax all of your muscles and smile.

Switch Off

We’re so used to being in constant contact these days – phones buzzing, emails pinging, TV talking – with all of this going on, it’s getting harder and harder to completely switch off.

Studies have shown that having this non-stop electronic communication on the go causes low-level anxiety in most people, so set a time each day where phones and computers turn off  or be brave and turn everything including your wifi off for the night and enjoy full restorative sleep.

It might be a tricky one to get into the habit of doing, but once you do you’ll feel a great sense of relief.