Meditation for Beginners

Detox your mind, body & soul


With sunny weather comes the overwhelming urge to get ‘summer ready’, but when you’re planning your big body detox – don’t forget about the body & soul!
Take this opportunity to kick the SAD out with your winter wardrobe and start your new year’s resolution just a little late: by devoting yourself to a spot of meditation every day. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be hours at a time; in fact, even managing 5 minutes as a newbie and working your way up is a fantastic start, so there’s no excuses.

When done right, meditation can be an absolutely life transforming activity, by helping people focus, de-stress and cope with daily goings on. Just having a moment to zone out and tune in can be all you need to get the day going and becoming centred and aware of your own body and mind’s inner workings can revolutionize the way you think and feel.

But there’s a catch: breathing deeply and clearing your mind can be harder than you might think! There is, in fact, a technique. Read on for the Tabitha James Kraan Organics top tips on meditation for beginners…

Are you sitting comfortably?

But really, are you? When we think of meditation, we often will picture someone sitting up very straight with legs crossed and while this pose works well for lots of people, it is not an essential position. What is essential though, is that you are comfortable – whether that’s leaning back, lying down, on your front – whatever works for you. Just be careful that you’re not too relaxed though, meditation doesn’t work so well if you fall asleep whilst doing it (although if this does happen, maybe you could do with a nap anyway!). Wearing loose clothing won’t go amiss either.


Don’t fight the thoughts

Those of you who have already looked into meditation will probably already know that the aim of the game is to clear your mind, but for those of you who have actually tried this will know that the second you start thinking about not thinking…well, you can see where this is going. The trick is, don’t fight the thoughts – let them come and then let them go. If you try to force yourself you won’t get anywhere with meditation, so just relax, achknowledge the thought and then just allow it to drift away. Oof, I’m feeling better already!


In 2..3.. Out 2…3…

Breathing is the key component for successful meditation as it helps to draw your focus, relax deeply and clear your mind. A great way to start meditation is to stick out the thumb and pinky on one hand whilst holding those other 3 fingers in, close one nostril with your thumb as you breathe to the count of three through the other, release your thumb and close the opposite nostril with your pinky exhaling to the count of three out the other; Breathe in 3 through that same nostril, close with the thumb and release the pinky, breathing out on that side. Repeat for a minute or two until you feel ready to continue breathing deeply and smoothly without guidance. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you loose focus or rhythm during meditation – just re-centre and go right back into it.


Namaste, little Yogis. Enjoy!